last changeThu, 29 Jul 2010 08:07:38 +0000 (10:07 +0200)
2010-07-29 Benjamin PodszunHandle missing icons in the user's theme with more... master
2010-07-26 Łukasz JernaśAdd SparkleIntro.cs to
2010-07-26 Łukasz JernaśMerge remote branch 'origin/translations'
2010-07-25 Yann Yannl10n: Updated fr_FR translation to 100%
2010-07-25 Yann Yannl10n: Updated fr_FR translation to 100%
2010-07-24 Hylke Bons[repo] Set pull interval to 30 seconds
2010-07-24 Hylke Bons[statusicon] Fix animation
2010-07-24 Hylke BonsCode cleanup
2010-07-24 Hylke BonsFix a lot of crashes due to calling to GTK UI updates...
2010-07-23 Hylke BonsRemove SharpSSH
2010-07-23 Hylke BonsMerge branch 'ui-experimentation'
2010-07-23 Hylke BonsOnly show first start screen when there are no folders
2010-07-23 Hylke Bons[eventlog] Don't allow selecting items
2010-07-22 Hylke BonsUse a List instead of an Array for the repositories
2010-07-22 Hylke Bonssort authors alphabetically
2010-07-22 Hylke Bons[statusicon] Update menu text depending on the syncing...
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