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2015-03-04 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated clone link master
2013-02-11 Andrew Engelbrechtphysics library version update
2012-10-22 Andrew Engelbrechtfixed a minor memory leak
2012-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtlink with librt, to support some systems.
2012-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtmake the starting hp levels higher
2012-08-27 Andrew EngelbrechtSteering is much easier now
2012-08-25 Andrew EngelbrechtUpgraded Chipmunk Physics to 6.1.1
2012-08-23 Andrew Engelbrechtwinner text displays at the center of the screen
2012-08-23 Andrew Engelbrechtfps text corrected for different screen sizes, ect
2012-08-23 Andrew Engelbrechtdetect hp <= 0, i.e. declare the winner and stop
2012-08-22 Andrew EngelbrechtAdded hitpoints meters to the top of the screen
2012-08-22 Andrew Engelbrechtminor cleanup
2012-08-22 Andrew Engelbrechtimproved color changing rules
2012-08-22 Andrew Engelbrechtmake methods functional for clarity
2012-08-22 Andrew EngelbrechtFixed rapid cycling of object color
2012-08-22 Andrew EngelbrechtPartial fix for small memory leak
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