2012-08-21 Andrew Engelbrechtrenamed function, changed where it gets called.
2012-08-21 Andrew Engelbrechtmoved a function call
2012-08-21 Andrew EngelbrechtAutoformatting with "indent -kr"
2012-08-21 Andrew EngelbrechtRefactored the way color works. improved comments
2012-08-19 Andrew EngelbrechtUpdate README file
2012-08-18 Andrew EngelbrechtAdded new collision and color changing rules
2012-08-18 Andrew EngelbrechtFixed a bug. also shortened a variable reference
2012-08-18 Andrew EngelbrechtAdded a second player to the game
2012-07-20 Andrew EngelbrechtCollision handler changes obj color after touching
2012-06-25 Andrew EngelbrechtChaged gravity for black holes. balls get shot out
2012-06-22 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into newrules
2012-06-22 Andrew EngelbrechtFix incorrect/absent fps on slower, 32 bit systems
2012-06-20 Andrew EngelbrechtAuto-formatted spacedolphin code
2012-06-19 Andrew EngelbrechtGet everything moving
2012-06-19 Andrew EngelbrechtChanged forces, i.e. rocket power and gravity
2012-06-19 Andrew EngelbrechtChanged black-hole gravity equation
2012-04-30 Andrew EngelbrechtUse preprocessor constants in place of raw values
2012-04-30 Andrew EngelbrechtFixed git clone command
2012-04-30 Andrew EngelbrechtPrefer Gitorious for now.
2012-04-30 Andrew EngelbrechtImproved turning control some more
2012-04-29 Andrew EngelbrechtChanged randfit() from a macro to a function.
2012-04-29 Andrew Engelbrechtdon't call curns() repeatedly, store its output.
2012-04-29 Andrew EngelbrechtTurning is now much easier to control.
2012-04-28 Andrew EngelbrechtChange license detail into explanation about FS.
2012-04-28 Andrew EngelbrechtPut some of the README file into INSTALL
2012-04-28 Andrew EngelbrechtAdded fullscreen/windowed mode toggle
2012-04-28 Andrew EngelbrechtPrint errors to stderr, not stdout
2012-04-28 Andrew EngelbrechtFree up sdlbuff surface at quit
2012-04-28 Andrew EngelbrechtMake some object lighter
2012-04-28 Andrew EngelbrechtCairo cleanup
2012-04-28 Andrew EngelbrechtSimplified setup for header file include
2012-04-28 Andrew EngelbrechtFixed frame time jitter. Now 60 fps works nicely.
2012-04-28 Andrew EngelbrechtRemove warning from README
2012-04-27 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into cairo
2012-04-27 Andrew EngelbrechtSet framerate to 55 FPS to avoid frame skipping
2012-04-24 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into cairo
2012-04-24 Andrew EngelbrechtRe-organized README file
2012-04-23 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into cairo
2012-04-23 Andrew EngelbrechtRevert to using non-markdown README file
2012-04-23 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into cairo
2012-04-15 Andrew EngelbrechtSwitching away from anti-aliased primitives
2012-04-14 Andrew EngelbrechtDon't make cmake find SDL
2012-04-13 Andrew EngelbrechtCleaned up code a bit
2012-04-03 Andrew EngelbrechtMoved over to CMake, CP library is now in tree
2012-03-30 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into cairo
2012-03-30 Andrew EngelbrechtReplace 'gcc' with '$(CC)' variable
2012-03-29 Andrew EngelbrechtCap animation to 60 fps
2012-03-29 Andrew Engelbrechtmakefile: added success message and instructions
2012-03-28 Andrew EngelbrechtREADME: make clean is a good idea. +clearer text
2012-03-28 Andrew EngelbrechtShip (dolphin) no longer gets stuck in tiny gap
2012-03-28 Andrew EngelbrechtIgnore *.swp files
2012-03-27 Andrew EngelbrechtAdded/removed some newlines to makefile output
2012-03-27 Andrew EngelbrechtImproved coordinate system
2012-03-27 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into cairo
2012-03-27 Andrew user needs to install curl
2012-03-27 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into cairo
2012-03-27 Andrew EngelbrechtConverted README to .md markdown language file
2012-03-26 Andrew EngelbrechtUpdate README to mention cmake and auto-dl of 'CP'
2012-03-26 Andrew Engelbrecht"make" now auto-downloads and builds chipmunk
2012-02-18 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into cairo
2012-02-18 Andrew EngelbrechtFixed minor makefile bug
2012-02-17 Andrew EngelbrechtMention master branch in the cairo branch README
2012-02-17 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into cairo
2012-02-17 Andrew EngelbrechtNow we optimize using -O3
2012-02-17 Andrew Engelbrecht"build-essential" package should be installed
2012-02-05 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into cairo
2012-02-05 Andrew EngelbrechtAdded note about installing Chipmunk
2012-02-05 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into cairo
2012-02-05 Andrew EngelbrechtAdded .gitignore file
2012-02-05 Andrew EngelbrechtAdd a functional 'cairo' branch
2012-02-05 Andrew EngelbrechtImproved variable name, 'radi' -> 'radiusv'
2012-02-05 Andrew EngelbrechtInitial Commit for 'SpaceDolphin', a simple game