2011-10-03 Thomas PerlAdd missing build-dependency: libcontextsubscriber-dev 1
2011-10-02 Javier S. Pedronew notifications list, time syncing
2011-09-29 Javier S. Pedrofixing build dependencies
2011-09-28 Javier S. Pedrofixing a problem with the play/pause button
2011-09-28 Javier S. Pedrotrying to fix more weird albumart behaviour
2011-09-28 Javier S. PedroAdding fremantle packaging
2011-09-28 Javier S. Pedrofixing a few mediaart qmafwwatchlet bugs
2011-09-27 Javier S. Pedronew crappy map watchlet
2011-09-27 Javier S. Pedrominor change
2011-09-27 Javier S. Pedronew qmafw watchlet
2011-09-26 Javier S. Pedrofixing bugs found during use ;)
2011-09-25 Javier S. Pedrowatchlets working!
2011-09-24 Javier S. Pedropreparing for watchlet support
2011-09-24 Javier S. Pedroadding metawatch assets
2011-09-24 Javier S. PedroIncoming phone calls working!
2011-09-23 Javier S. Pedronew partially working incoming call plugin
2011-09-23 Javier S. PedroCleaning up bits
2011-09-18 Javier S. Pedroadding notification provider plugins, idle screen
2011-09-18 Javier S. Pedrofixing day of the week issue
2011-09-18 Javier S. Pedroadding empty aegis manifest
2011-09-18 Javier S. Pedrotrying to fix Harmattan packaging
2011-09-18 Javier S. Pedroseparation into lib and plugins complete
2011-09-17 Javier S. PedroPutting MetaWatch stuff in a plugin
2011-09-17 Javier S. Pedromoving more files around
2011-09-17 Javier S. Pedropreparing for library package
2011-09-16 Javier S. PedroMaking it work for different MAC addresses.
2011-09-16 Javier S. PedroFixing the declarative example demo
2011-09-16 Javier S. PedroFixing some bugs in damage tracking on real N950
2011-09-16 Javier S. PedroInitial import