last changeSun, 7 Jul 2013 13:38:59 +0000 (15:38 +0200)
2013-07-07 Javier S. Pedrobump to 0.5.2 master sowatch_0_5_2
2013-07-07 Javier S. Pedromissed two files
2013-07-07 Javier S. Pedrofix a few lv bugs
2013-07-07 Javier S. Pedroadd some notification support to liveview
2013-07-07 Javier S. Pedroadd some missing files to mwwatchlets
2013-07-07 Javier S. Pedroadd packaging script
2013-06-28 Javier S. Pedrofix mw config issues
2013-06-15 Javier S. Pedrominor path issue
2013-06-15 Javier S. Pedroadd new icons for liveview watchlets
2013-06-15 Javier S. Pedroadd some support for notifications in liveview
2013-05-17 Javier S. Pedroadd the missing pieces for button support
2013-05-14 Javier S. Pedroadd tiling support to liveview
2013-05-13 Javier S. Pedroperform only one bluetooth discovery for all watches
2013-05-13 Javier S. Pedroadded liveview watchlet menu (API break)
2013-05-12 Javier S. Pedroclose the socket during a bluetooth error
2013-05-12 Javier S. Pedrobump to 0.5 and random fixes
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