2011-04-11 Johnny MorriceMade creating windows installer easier
2011-04-11 Johnny MorriceProfiling uses 9 colours
2011-04-10 Johnny MorriceBetter colours?
2011-04-09 Johnny MorriceAdded required version of racket
2011-04-09 Johnny MorriceMore balanced game
2011-04-09 Johnny MorriceFixed git repository to not see the release
2011-04-09 Johnny MorriceFixed bugs where some high scores weren't recorded
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceSolid installer
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceBroken windows installer... compiles though
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceCross platform build scripts
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceCross platform distribution
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceUtilities for building executable
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceIgnore build directory
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceGot solumns running
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceGame can be paused
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceCan shuffle the columns, oooh yeah it's fun
2011-04-08 Johnny Morrice9 colours = harder
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceDon't delay after random column
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceNew colgorithm that gives random blocks sometimes
2011-04-07 Johnny MorriceBetter name for copyright note
2011-04-07 Johnny MorricePut contact info in README. DOH!
2011-04-07 Johnny MorriceAdded license. Note to self, never forget that.
2011-04-07 Johnny MorriceThe columns are created a lot faster on start-up
2011-04-04 Johnny MorriceUse some unsafe operations for extra speed
2011-04-02 Johnny MorriceConstant acceleration: more fun
2011-04-02 Johnny MorriceSpecial effects.... oooooh!
2011-04-02 Johnny MorriceUpdated old tests to work with exposed canvas
2011-04-01 Johnny MorriceMade a logo, a sad square :(
2011-04-01 Johnny MorriceRemoved rubbish ubuntu instructions
2011-04-01 Johnny MorricePut instructions on how to run in README
2011-03-29 Johnny MorriceBrute force algorithm seriously faster
2011-03-29 Johnny MorriceRan profiling, conclusions below
2011-03-27 Johnny MorriceCan restart the game
2011-03-27 Johnny MorriceFaster algorithm.... by a bit
2011-03-27 Johnny MorriceBuggy version of the restarter controller
2011-03-26 Johnny MorriceTried to make the colours easier to see
2011-03-26 Johnny MorriceStopped the flickering
2011-03-26 Johnny MorriceRefined the grid display into a separate class
2011-03-26 Johnny MorriceFixed possible crasher in updater
2011-03-26 Johnny MorriceOpened the high-scorer controller for extension
2011-03-26 Johnny MorriceSaving/loading now in solumns/gui/high-scores.rkt
2011-03-26 Johnny MorriceGot high scores working
2011-03-25 Johnny MorriceBug fix in solumns/grid.rkt
2011-03-23 Johnny MorriceScoring
2011-03-23 Johnny MorriceMade it compile, lawl
2011-03-23 Johnny MorriceTemplate method for finding next column
2011-03-23 Johnny MorriceWork out next column in background;
2011-03-23 Johnny MorriceNo longer try to remove compiled files
2011-03-23 Johnny MorriceIgnore compiled code, generated by drracket
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceBetter ranking of grids by difficulty!
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceFixed bug where columns did not neatly stack
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceGot the game basics working, BUT
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceColumns cycle in the correct order
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceChanged controller contract for better UI
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceChanged controller contracts to note press/release
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceSpeeded up frame rate
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceTest focuses the keyboard
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceCan drop blocks!
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceResizing improved!
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceRenamed a test to better describe its purpose
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceCan resize the window
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceHalfway through adding player block movement
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceUser input handler
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceGrid can be drawn correctly on screen
2011-03-21 Johnny MorriceColour mapping
2011-03-21 Johnny MorriceRandom column choosing algorithm
2011-03-20 Johnny MorriceBruteforce search algorithm for suboptimal columns
2011-03-14 Johnny MorriceElimination of neighbouring squares and gravity
2011-03-11 Johnny MorriceIgnore vim swap files