Made creating windows installer easier
[solumns:solumns.git] / Rakefile
2011-04-11 Johnny MorriceMade creating windows installer easier
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceSolid installer
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceBroken windows installer... compiles though
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceCross platform build scripts
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceCross platform distribution
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceUtilities for building executable
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceGot solumns running
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceGame can be paused
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceCan shuffle the columns, oooh yeah it's fun
2011-04-08 Johnny MorriceNew colgorithm that gives random blocks sometimes
2011-04-02 Johnny MorriceSpecial effects.... oooooh!
2011-03-29 Johnny MorriceRan profiling, conclusions below
2011-03-27 Johnny MorriceBuggy version of the restarter controller
2011-03-26 Johnny MorriceStopped the flickering
2011-03-26 Johnny MorriceRefined the grid display into a separate class
2011-03-26 Johnny MorriceSaving/loading now in solumns/gui/high-scores.rkt
2011-03-26 Johnny MorriceGot high scores working
2011-03-23 Johnny MorriceScoring
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceBetter ranking of grids by difficulty!
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceGot the game basics working, BUT
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceResizing improved!
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceRenamed a test to better describe its purpose
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceCan resize the window
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceUser input handler
2011-03-22 Johnny MorriceGrid can be drawn correctly on screen
2011-03-21 Johnny MorriceColour mapping
2011-03-21 Johnny MorriceRandom column choosing algorithm
2011-03-20 Johnny MorriceBruteforce search algorithm for suboptimal columns
2011-03-14 Johnny MorriceElimination of neighbouring squares and gravity
2011-03-11 Johnny MorriceIgnore vim swap files