last changeWed, 23 Mar 2011 19:02:04 +0000 (21:02 +0200)
2011-03-23 Topi SantakiviConfig file functionality for supporting multiple confe... master
2011-02-03 Will ThompsonBump version to 0.2.1+
2011-02-03 Will ThompsonVersion 0.2.1 sojourner-0.2.1
2011-02-03 Will ThompsonDepend on new-enough python-gobject.
2011-01-31 Will ThompsonPrepare version 0.2 sojourner-0.2
2011-01-30 Will ThompsonDepend on python-dbus.
2011-01-30 Will ThompsonEnsure events appear at most once in favourites
2011-01-28 Joaquim RochaAdd favorite events' conflicts
2011-01-28 Joaquim RochaUse the lanucher script in a cleaner way
2011-01-27 Will ThompsonUse ListStore rather than TreeStore
2011-01-27 Will ThompsonOptimize showing event lists.
2011-01-27 Will ThompsonAdd track swatches to track list
2011-01-27 Will ThompsonUse the track colour as its background in full view.
2011-01-27 Will ThompsonAdd blobs of colour indicating tracks.
2011-01-27 Will ThompsonRemove redundant information from summaries
2011-01-27 Will ThompsonAdd day name headers to event lists.
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7 years ago sojourner-0.2
7 years ago sojourner-0.1.1
7 years ago sojourner-0.1
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