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last changeTue, 6 May 2014 11:26:30 +0000 (13:26 +0200)
2014-05-06 Mikael Nordfeldthparent::handlePost() in CancelsubscriptionAction master
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthMagicEnvelope class now throws exception on XRD fail
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthOnly run EndSubscribe when it is really a sub
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthShorter, cleaner, smarter CancelsubscriptionAction
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthMore modern coding, stuff related to subscriptions
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthAlreadyFulfilledException added, for acceptable exceptions
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthMSN probably doesn't work, and we don't like it anyway
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthCleaning up FavorAction
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthUsersalmonAction updated to stronger typing standards
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthGroupsalmonAction updated to stronger typing standards
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthMore debugging for Salmon activities
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthStronger typing and function access control in OStatus
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthFunctions should return quickly (cosmetic)
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthSuccess debugging was too much noise
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthUnsupportedMediaException caused excessive debug log
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthMore debugging in Magicsig class verify method
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