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2015-04-24 Bryan RichterMerge branch 'release-0.1.3' master
2015-04-24 Bryan RichterVersion bump
2015-04-24 Bryan RichterGG-1: Update docs to use
2015-04-24 Bryan RichterGitlab appears to style **foo** incorrectly inside...
2015-04-24 Bryan RichterStylize as for now
2015-04-23 Bryan RichterPR-297: Avoid duplicate notifications
2015-04-23 Bryan RichterChange "delivery" values from notification_pref
2015-04-23 Bryan RichterRemove duplicate notifications in the migration
2015-04-23 wolftuneadded libpq-dev to BEGINNERS instructions
2015-04-23 wolftunefinished instructions
2015-04-23 wolftuneupdated to use for
2015-04-23 wolftuneupdated to as our code host
2015-04-22 Nikita KaretnikovWrite a proper migration file
2015-04-22 Nikita KaretnikovReplace 'sortBy compare' with 'sort'
2015-04-22 Nikita KaretnikovFix whitespace errors
2015-04-22 Nikita KaretnikovDo not delete one by one in a loop
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