last changeSun, 5 Dec 2010 15:07:38 +0000 (16:07 +0100)
2010-12-05 Nicolas Wackbetter keywords for master
2010-12-05 Nicolas Wackversion uses the release version of settings pygoo-port 0.2b1
2010-12-05 Nicolas Wackfixed manifest to also include NEWS.txt
2010-12-05 Nicolas Wacksome work on
2010-12-04 Nicolas Wackmore owrk on packaging smewt properly, removed imdb...
2010-12-03 Nicolas Wacksome more work on packaging
2010-12-03 Nicolas Wackmoved unittests, fixed path imports
2010-12-03 Nicolas Wackmoved stuff around to have a better folder layout for...
2010-11-30 Nicolas Wackupdated eric project
2010-11-30 Nicolas Wacksmall fix
2010-11-30 Nicolas Wackmerged and fixed TVDB/TMDB guessers branch
2010-11-30 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'tvdbguesser' into pygoo-port
2010-11-30 Nicolas Wackfixed unittest for the moment tvdbguesser
2010-11-30 Nicolas Wackupdated eric project
2010-11-14 Ricardbetter extraction of author from The Movie DB
2010-11-14 Ricardmore work on an alternative guesser for movies
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