2011-05-13 Ricardfix a bug
2011-05-13 RicardMerge branch 'master' into plugin-coherence
2011-05-12 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-12 Nicolas Wackadded a logview menu action periscope
2011-05-12 Nicolas Wackstatus bar now shows the task currently being executed...
2011-05-12 Nicolas Wackcosmetic, updated eric4 project
2011-05-12 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'periscope' of
2011-05-12 Nicolas Wackadded a clearCollection action in the collection menu
2011-05-10 Nicolas Wackfixed small display bug for movies which don't have...
2011-05-10 Nicolas Wackremoved old subtitle-related classes which have been...
2011-05-02 Nicolas Wackfixed subtitle downloading for episodes
2011-05-02 Nicolas Wackbetter unittest for subtitles
2011-04-21 Nicolas Wackfixed view for episodes with no series
2011-04-20 Nicolas Wackrenamed speeddial "recent movies" to "recently watched...
2011-04-20 Nicolas Wackfixed series view for episodes which don't have metadata
2011-04-20 Nicolas Wackview fix for when there is only 1 movie in the 'unknown...
2011-04-20 Nicolas Wackfix view for episodes which series is unknown
2011-04-19 Nicolas Wacka few import fixes
2011-04-19 Nicolas Wackfixed YAUB (yet another unicode bug...)
2011-04-18 Nicolas WackSubtitleTaskPeriscope is now SubtitleTask
2011-04-18 Nicolas Wacksome random thoughts in TODO.txt
2011-04-18 Nicolas Wackadded periscope to dev path
2011-04-15 Nicolas WackSmewt can now also download subtitles for movies!
2011-04-14 Nicolas Wacka few logging nitpicks
2011-04-14 Nicolas Wackfixed small bug in the VersionedMediaGraph
2011-04-14 Nicolas WackSmewt now downloads subtitles by season instead of...
2011-04-14 Nicolas WackSmewg now uses the new Periscope subtitle task to downl...
2011-04-14 Nicolas Wackfixed small logging bug
2011-04-13 Nicolas Wackadded a pseudo python link that sets PYTHONPATH on...
2011-04-13 Nicolas Wackfirst version of a periscope SubtitleTask, with unittest!
2011-04-08 Nicolas Wackupdated test so that they pass (need to be fixed)
2011-04-07 Ricardadd a kill of the app at the end
2011-04-05 Ricardremove prints
2011-04-05 Ricardtry using signal-slot mechanism to shutdown the twisted...
2011-04-05 Ricardupdate the qt4reactor
2011-04-03 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-01 Nicolas Wackin dev mode we listen on port 9025 by default
2011-04-01 Nicolas Wackadd LogView as a logviewer to which Smewg can talk...
2011-03-31 Nicolas Wackwrite log info to a sockethandler
2011-03-24 Nicolas Wackbetter logging format
2011-03-24 Nicolas WackMovieFilename now also uses GuessIt
2011-03-24 Nicolas Wackswitched EpisodeFilename guesser to use GuessIt
2011-03-24 Nicolas Wackminor fix
2011-03-24 Nicolas Wackdded guessit to python path for run_dev_smewg; some...
2011-03-23 Ricardmake a better series view
2011-03-12 Nicolas Wackupdated changelog to account for the merge of the fix...
2011-03-12 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'fix-multiplescreen'
2011-03-12 Nicolas Wackbetter size when smewt is launched for the first time
2011-03-12 Nicolas Wackadded shortcut to be able to quit app using ctrl+Q
2011-03-12 Ricardalso show the unguessed videofiles
2011-03-09 Ricardfix the subtitle stuff
2011-03-07 Ricardrefactor the coherence plugin
2011-03-05 Ricardadd a movie view and only expose available media on...
2011-03-04 Nicolas Wackmoved fullsize pngs for speeddial outside of smewt...
2011-03-04 Nicolas WackSwitched back to development version 0.3-dev
2011-03-04 Nicolas WackTagged 0.2.2 release 0.2.2
2011-03-04 Nicolas Wackupdated changelog
2011-03-04 Nicolas Wackonly install menu entries when we're root (ie: not...
2011-03-04 Nicolas Wackfixed menu install for ubuntu
2011-03-04 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-04 Ricardchange the paths
2011-03-04 Ricardrename the icon name
2011-03-04 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-04 Ricardadd a new icon and change some things to correctly...
2011-03-04 Nicolas Wackadded small comment
2011-03-04 Ricardavoid the SandboxViolation with the calls to calls...
2011-03-04 Ricardfix the media server
2011-03-04 Ricardfix the media server so that it serves
2011-03-04 Ricardbetter representation of the items
2011-03-03 Ricardmore work on the id translation table
2011-03-03 Ricardnow we are showing some episodes
2011-03-02 Ricardstart displaying the series in the All Series container
2011-03-01 Ricardremove some unnecessary prints
2011-03-01 RicardMerge branch 'master' into plugin-coherence
2011-03-01 Ricardset debug loglevel for the MediaServer
2011-03-01 Ricardactivate the plugin once we have the collections
2011-03-01 Ricardstart working on the coherence plugin
2011-02-22 Ricard Marxersmall fix to handle correctly multiple screens in first run
2011-02-21 Nicolas Wackadded more screenshots
2011-02-21 Nicolas Wackadded some screenshots
2011-02-21 Nicolas Wackadded some TODO
2011-02-21 Nicolas WackSwitched back to development version 0.3-dev
2011-02-21 Nicolas WackTagged 0.2.1 release 0.2.1
2011-02-21 Nicolas Wackupdated eric project
2011-02-20 Nicolas Wacksome linux fixes, updated changelog
2011-02-20 Nicolas Wackremoved stale line
2011-02-20 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-02-20 Nicolas Wackdo now write the log on windows in program files, but...
2011-02-20 Nicolas Wackdo not ask user whether he wants to run smewt just...
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wackremoved obsolete file
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wackrequest admin privilege on windows vista/7 in installer
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wackfixed single app on windows
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wackmade sure that there is only one instance of Smewt...
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wackfixed small bug in movie view when no actors could...
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wackfixed one more unicode issue for OSes that don't use...
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wacksmaller default size when running smewt for the first...
2011-02-17 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wackmuch better About dialog
2011-02-16 Nicolas Wackadded open.exe utility for opening any file with its...
2011-02-16 Nicolas Wackadded multi-resolution icon for windows