2011-04-05 Ricardupdate the qt4reactor
2011-03-23 Ricardmake a better series view
2011-03-12 Ricardalso show the unguessed videofiles
2011-03-09 Ricardfix the subtitle stuff
2011-03-07 Ricardrefactor the coherence plugin
2011-03-05 Ricardadd a movie view and only expose available media on...
2011-03-04 Ricardfix the media server
2011-03-04 Ricardfix the media server so that it serves
2011-03-04 Ricardbetter representation of the items
2011-03-03 Ricardmore work on the id translation table
2011-03-03 Ricardnow we are showing some episodes
2011-03-02 Ricardstart displaying the series in the All Series container
2011-03-01 Ricardremove some unnecessary prints
2011-03-01 RicardMerge branch 'master' into plugin-coherence
2011-03-01 Ricardset debug loglevel for the MediaServer
2011-03-01 Ricardactivate the plugin once we have the collections
2011-03-01 Ricardstart working on the coherence plugin
2011-02-21 Nicolas Wackadded more screenshots
2011-02-21 Nicolas Wackadded some screenshots
2011-02-21 Nicolas Wackadded some TODO
2011-02-21 Nicolas WackSwitched back to development version 0.3-dev
2011-02-21 Nicolas WackTagged 0.2.1 release 0.2.1
2011-02-21 Nicolas Wackupdated eric project
2011-02-20 Nicolas Wacksome linux fixes, updated changelog
2011-02-20 Nicolas Wackremoved stale line
2011-02-20 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-02-20 Nicolas Wackdo now write the log on windows in program files, but...
2011-02-20 Nicolas Wackdo not ask user whether he wants to run smewt just...
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wackremoved obsolete file
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wackrequest admin privilege on windows vista/7 in installer
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wackfixed single app on windows
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wackmade sure that there is only one instance of Smewt...
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wackfixed small bug in movie view when no actors could...
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wackfixed one more unicode issue for OSes that don't use...
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wacksmaller default size when running smewt for the first...
2011-02-17 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-02-17 Nicolas Wackmuch better About dialog
2011-02-16 Nicolas Wackadded open.exe utility for opening any file with its...
2011-02-16 Nicolas Wackadded multi-resolution icon for windows
2011-02-16 Nicolas Wacksmall fugly fix to show /Volumes on Mac OS X
2011-02-12 Nicolas Wacka few more fixes, should now remember played files...
2011-02-12 Nicolas Wackrelease scripts now also update version in nsis install...
2011-02-12 Nicolas Wackmore small cleanups everywhere
2011-02-12 Nicolas Wacka bit of cleanup everywhere
2011-02-12 Nicolas WackWindows now has a nice installer that works!!!
2011-02-09 Nicolas Wacka bunch of windows fixes and the beginning of a py2exe...
2011-02-04 Nicolas Wackfinished removing pycurl
2011-02-04 Nicolas Wackremoved unnecessary dependency on pycurl
2011-01-31 Nicolas WacktoggleSynopsis is now an option that is remembered...
2011-01-28 Ricardfix the setup for linux
2011-01-28 Ricardallow viewed episodes in the suggestion view
2011-01-28 Ricardmore useful suggestion view
2011-01-27 Nicolas WackSwitched back to development version 0.3-dev
2011-01-27 Nicolas WackTagged 0.2 release 0.2
2011-01-27 Nicolas Wackupdated company name to falafelton
2011-01-27 Nicolas Wackupdated artwork files
2011-01-27 Nicolas Wackforgot to add these files for the dmg generation
2011-01-27 Nicolas Wackalso builds a .dmg now with the
2011-01-24 Nicolas WackSwitched back to development version 0.2-dev
2011-01-24 Nicolas WackTagged 0.2b2 release 0.2b2
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wackhmmm
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wackupdated NEWS.txt file
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wackdisplay Smewt version in about dialog
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wackupdated eric project
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wackremoved download subtitles for movies (only work for...
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wackremoved too strict limitation of movie > 600MB and...
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wackreplaced first-run wizard with messages displayed when...
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wackremove the wall of text that is the first-run wizard...
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wacksmall fix
2011-01-24 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wacksome more unicode fixes
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wackfixed package on linux
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wacksome fixes to packaging
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wacksome unicode fixes
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wackremoved outdated GlobDirectoryWalker (use utils.dirwalk...
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wackbetter logging for mac release app
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wackmore fixes to mac package
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wacksome fixes to the mac package
2011-01-24 Nicolas Wackfirst version of a mac package
2011-01-23 Nicolas Wackfixed subtitle task for series
2011-01-23 Nicolas Wackfixed series view for videos that don't have an associa...
2011-01-22 Nicolas Wackrelease scripts now also update the version in the...
2011-01-22 Nicolas shouldn't need to import smewt
2011-01-22 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-22 Nicolas Wackbetter release scripts
2011-01-22 Nicolas Wackfixed release scripts
2011-01-22 Nicolas Wackdev_mode and make_release also change the default log...
2011-01-22 Nicolas Wackforgot one line
2011-01-22 Nicolas Wackbetter release scripts
2011-01-22 Nicolas Wackadded dev_mode script to switch back to a dev environme...
2011-01-22 Nicolas Wackrequires pygoo >= 0.1.3
2011-01-22 Nicolas Wackdeactivated feed watcher for now
2011-01-22 Nicolas Wackshow informative message when no episode suggestions...
2011-01-22 Nicolas Wackadded make_release script
2011-01-22 Nicolas Wackadded version field for smewt module
2011-01-22 Nicolas Wacktiny fix to episodefilename
2011-01-21 Nicolas Wackfixed viewing comments on the movie view
2011-01-20 Ricardfix the updateWatched action
2011-01-20 Nicolas Wackadded new episode suggestion view
2011-01-20 Nicolas Wacka bit more polishing