2012-03-15 Nicolas Wackfixed the testing of the sdist package for pypi
2012-03-14 Nicolas Wackpossibly fixed a problem with some imports
2012-03-13 Nicolas Wackmore idiomatic way of importing the transfo modules
2012-03-13 Nicolas Wackfixed overzealous language detection
2012-03-13 Nicolas Wacksmall doc update
2012-03-13 Nicolas Wackgitignore stuff
2012-03-12 Nicolas Wackswitched back to dev number
2012-03-12 Nicolas Wacktagged 0.3 version
2012-03-04 Nicolas WackMerge pull request #3 from jlauwers/1080p
2012-03-04 jlauwersMerge branch 'master' into 1080p
2012-03-04 jlauwers1080p
2012-03-04 Nicolas Wackuse the Ubuntu font family for the docs
2012-03-03 Nicolas Wackmore pep8 stuff
2012-03-03 Nicolas Wackmore pep8/pylint stuff
2012-03-03 Nicolas Wackfixed doctests (new version of python? / docutils?...
2012-03-02 Nicolas Wacktagged 0.3b2 release
2012-03-02 Nicolas Wackfixed package installation
2012-03-01 Nicolas Wackstarted making the code pep8 compliant
2012-03-01 Nicolas Wacktagged 0.3b1 release
2012-03-01 Nicolas Wacka fabric script function to update GuessIt's version...
2012-03-01 Nicolas Wackmore documentation on the internals
2012-02-29 Nicolas Wackfixed README for GitHub
2012-02-29 Nicolas Wackreworked doc quite a bit, used sphinx theme and layout...
2012-02-28 Nicolas Wackrenamed README.txt -> README.rst so it displays correct...
2012-02-28 Nicolas Wackrefactored some code for pylint happiness
2012-02-28 Nicolas Wackfixed some filetype detection bugs
2012-02-27 Nicolas Wackeven more cleanups
2012-02-27 Nicolas Wackadded Fabric file, not for deployment but rather for...
2012-02-27 Nicolas Wackadded autodetection unittests (a lot still fail)
2012-02-27 Nicolas Wackmore removing of unused functions
2012-02-27 Nicolas Wackmore refactoring / cleanups
2012-02-27 Nicolas Wackcleaned up a bit
2012-02-27 Nicolas Wack1 more unittest
2012-02-22 Nicolas Wackalso fixed all the episode unittests
2012-02-22 Nicolas Wackall unittests for movies now pass!
2012-02-22 Nicolas Wackmore bugfixes
2012-02-21 Nicolas Wackmore refactoring
2012-02-21 Nicolas Wackmore refactoring to the "movie title from position...
2012-02-21 Nicolas Wacksome refactorings and bug fixes
2012-02-20 Nicolas Wackmore debug info, more tests fixed
2012-02-20 Nicolas Wackadded guessers for bonusTitle and filmSeries/Title...
2012-02-07 Nicolas Wackimport cleanup
2012-02-07 Nicolas Wackmore transfos
2012-02-07 Nicolas Wackmore MatchTree transformations
2012-02-07 Nicolas Wackstarted factoring out some guessers into generic MatchT...
2012-02-07 Nicolas Wackbetter logging
2012-02-07 Nicolas Wackfixed an infinite recursion bug in merge_similar_guesses()
2012-02-06 Nicolas WackMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/matchtree'
2012-01-12 Rob McMullenAdded simple regex for episode bonus number 1
2012-01-12 Rob McMullenAdded representative samples of movie naming convention
2012-01-12 Rob McMullenAdded representative samples of series naming convention
2012-01-08 Nicolas Wackfixed subtitle language detection when at the end of... matchtree
2012-01-08 Nicolas Wackfixed season pattern
2012-01-08 Nicolas Wacksmarter MatchTree.unidentified_values() behavior
2012-01-08 Nicolas Wackfixed quite a bit episode info detection
2012-01-08 Nicolas Wackstarted working on episodes
2012-01-08 Nicolas Wackmore bugfixes for movies
2012-01-08 Nicolas Wackmore bugfixes for movies
2012-01-08 Nicolas Wackadded debug info, fixed some bugs
2012-01-08 Nicolas Wackmimics old matcher's behavior better
2012-01-08 Nicolas Wacknew matcher is now the default matcher
2012-01-08 Nicolas Wackmore refactoring on the new matcher
2012-01-07 Nicolas Wackadded more guessers for the new matcher
2012-01-07 Nicolas Wackfirst draft of a refactored MatchTree that behaves...
2011-11-29 Nicolas Wackfixed last test
2011-11-29 Ricardfix the failing test (fix the adjust span of " S##...
2011-11-29 Nicolas Wackadded 1 test for episodes that makes guessit fail
2011-11-29 Nicolas Wackadded sphinx project in docs/ folder
2011-11-29 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-18 Nicolas Wackallow to pass infotype as a single string as well as...
2011-06-18 Nicolas Wackadded 'txt' to the list of valid subtitle extensions
2011-06-14 Ricardadd an unlikely series pattern
2011-06-14 Nicolas Wackadded missing .m4v video extension
2011-06-12 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-12 Nicolas Wacka few more unittests
2011-06-12 Nicolas Wackmoved the filetype detection code in a separate file
2011-06-12 Nicolas Wackbetter filetype detection
2011-06-12 Nicolas Wackmore properties and a helper function
2011-06-12 Nicolas Wackfixed a bug for capitalization of properties
2011-06-11 Ricardadd mimetype guessing
2011-06-03 Nicolas Wackremoved a stray print
2011-06-03 Nicolas Wackadded missing import
2011-06-03 Nicolas Wackfix so that guessit can read the language file even...
2011-05-27 Nicolas Wackswitched back to development version number
2011-05-27 Nicolas Wacktagged 0.2 release 0.2
2011-05-27 Nicolas Wackupdated README
2011-05-27 Nicolas Wackmore meaning letters in the matchtree
2011-05-25 Nicolas Wackmore fixes
2011-05-25 Nicolas Wackmore fixes
2011-05-25 Nicolas Wackmore fixes
2011-05-25 Nicolas Wackmore unittests and fixes for movies
2011-05-25 Nicolas Wackmore unittests and fixes for series
2011-05-25 Nicolas Wackmore unittests and fixes
2011-05-25 Nicolas Wackadded some patterns to releaseGroup
2011-05-25 Nicolas Wacksearch_language does not recognize anymore languages...
2011-05-24 Ricardfix the weak episode guesser so that it also works...
2011-05-20 Nicolas Wacktagged 0.2b1 0.2b1
2011-05-20 Nicolas Wackfixed some more unittests
2011-05-18 Nicolas Wacka few more unittests and fixes
2011-05-18 Nicolas Wackfixed