fixed the testing of the sdist package for pypi
[smewt:guessit.git] / test /
2012-03-15 Nicolas Wackfixed the testing of the sdist package for pypi
2011-06-12 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-12 Nicolas Wacka few more unittests
2011-06-03 Nicolas Wackremoved a stray print
2011-05-25 Nicolas Wackmore unittests and fixes for series
2011-05-18 Nicolas Wackmore fixes
2011-05-17 Nicolas Wacka few more unittests and some language stuff
2011-05-17 Nicolas Wackeven more unittests
2011-05-17 Nicolas Wackmore unittests, more fixes
2011-05-15 Nicolas Wacksome refactoring and fixes, new matcher now passes...
2011-05-15 Nicolas Wacka bit more cleaning up in the heuristics, everything...
2011-05-14 Nicolas Wackbeginnings of a smart matching algorithm for remaining...
2011-05-14 Nicolas Wacksome unittests and a few fixes all over the place
2011-05-14 Nicolas Wackguessit is now able to generate a precise match tree...
2011-05-13 Nicolas can now be used as a command-line util
2011-05-12 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-11 Nicolas Wackfixed some unicode issues on mac when logging
2011-04-21 Nicolas Wacka few more tweaks and the addition of some real unittests