2011-05-17 Nicolas Wacka bit of documentation
2011-05-17 Nicolas Wackguessit can now compute any hash that is available...
2011-05-17 Nicolas Wacka few more unittests and some language stuff
2011-05-17 Nicolas Wackmore unittests
2011-05-17 Nicolas Wackremoved old matchers and general cleaning
2011-05-17 Nicolas Wackeven more unittests
2011-05-17 Nicolas Wackmore unittests, more fixes
2011-05-16 Nicolas Wackadded a new hash_mpc info extractor that computes the...
2011-05-16 Nicolas Wackfixed stupid bug
2011-05-16 Nicolas Wacksome more doc and doctests
2011-05-16 Nicolas Wacka few more cleanups, fixes and module organization
2011-05-16 Nicolas Wackcorrectly display group indices which are > 10
2011-05-16 Nicolas Wackimplemented autodetection of filetype
2011-05-16 Nicolas Wacka few more fixes here and there
2011-05-16 Nicolas Wacksome cleanups and doctests
2011-05-15 Nicolas WackNew matcher now also passes the movie unittests!
2011-05-15 Nicolas Wacksome refactoring and fixes, new matcher now passes...
2011-05-15 Nicolas Wacka bit more cleaning up in the heuristics, everything...
2011-05-15 Nicolas Wackbetter heuristics for series and episode title matching
2011-05-14 Nicolas Wackbeginnings of a smart matching algorithm for remaining...
2011-05-14 Nicolas Wacksome unittests and a few fixes all over the place
2011-05-14 Nicolas Wacknow remember which string group created which metadata...
2011-05-14 Nicolas Wacka bit of cleaning and refactoring
2011-05-14 Nicolas Wackguessit is now able to generate a precise match tree...
2011-05-13 Nicolas Wackfull language detection, as well as release groups...
2011-05-13 Nicolas WackLanguage objects can now be created from any of their...
2011-05-13 Nicolas Wackstarted adding some language stuff
2011-05-13 Nicolas can now be used as a command-line util
2011-05-12 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-12 Nicolas Wackmore unittests, more fixes
2011-05-12 Nicolas Wackmore unittest, more fixes
2011-05-11 Nicolas Wackadded 1 more unittest and fixed episode.guess_filename...
2011-05-11 Nicolas Wackfixed some unicode issues on mac when logging
2011-05-11 Nicolas Wackfixed release date in NEWS.txt
2011-05-09 Nicolas Wacktagged version 0.1 0.1
2011-04-27 Nicolas Wacksmall fix
2011-04-27 Nicolas Wacktiny optimization
2011-04-27 Nicolas Wackadded the possibility to autodetect whether the given...
2011-04-21 Nicolas Wacka few more tweaks and the addition of some real unittests
2011-04-20 Nicolas Wackmore guessit tweaks for episodes and movies
2011-04-20 Nicolas Wacksome tweaks for the episode guessing
2011-04-14 Nicolas Wackoops, forgot to add this guy before :-)
2011-04-14 Nicolas Wacksmall fix
2011-03-24 Nicolas WackMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-24 Nicolas Wacksmall heuristic + fix
2011-03-14 Ricardmake the year limit as currentYear+5
2011-03-12 Nicolas Wackversion 0.1b2
2011-03-12 Nicolas Wackbetter language and subtitleLanguage support
2011-03-12 Nicolas Wackmore flexible language detection
2011-03-12 Nicolas Wackfixed small display bug
2011-03-12 Nicolas Wackepisode guesser now also uses the video guesser
2011-03-12 Nicolas Wacksplit movie guesser into video+movie guesser
2011-03-12 Nicolas Wackmovie guesser now split into match parts as well; bette...
2011-02-28 Nicolas Wackimported movie filename guesser from smewt
2011-02-25 Nicolas Wackupdated eric project
2011-02-25 Nicolas Wackbetter module structure
2011-02-24 Nicolas Wackguessit episode starting to look nice!
2011-02-23 Nicolas Wackstarted some work on merging properties
2011-02-23 Nicolas Wackinitial commit; a few things copy-pasted from here...