2013-04-08 David E. NarváezAllowing UI_DIR and ICON to be specified through enviro... master
2013-04-06 David E. NarváezAdding support for DOT output, will be useful for debugging
2013-03-16 David E. NarváezSet the icon size to a valid one
2013-03-12 David E. NarváezRemoving unused os import
2013-03-12 David E. NarváezAdding pyudev dependency to the list
2013-03-12 David E. NarváezAdding pyudev based device listing and naming
2013-03-12 David E. NarváezAdding bullet-proof iter selection when updating the...
2013-03-12 David E. NarváezFixing variable name, should be the iter not the model
2013-03-12 David E. NarváezRemoving bogus property
2013-03-12 David E. NarváezAdding python-v4l2 as a dependency
2013-03-12 David E. NarváezList available camera formats to select
2013-03-11 David E. NarváezAdded the python-xrandr dependency
2013-03-11 David E. NarváezRemoving debugging prints
2013-03-11 David E. NarváezAdding XRandR support
2011-07-28 Thadeu Lima... New release.
2011-07-28 Marcelo Jorge... Added "Artwork by" tab in About dialog
2011-07-28 Marcelo Jorge... Changing the website URL in About dialog
2011-07-28 Marcelo Jorge... Added Landell logo as icon in the main UI
2011-07-28 Marcelo Jorge... Added Landell logo in about dialog
2011-07-28 Marcelo Jorge... Renaming SLTV binary and remaining things to Landell
2011-07-28 Marcelo Jorge... Updating About section in README
2011-06-15 Thadeu Lima... dvinput: Disable use of AV/C by default
2011-06-15 Thadeu Lima... dvinput: Allow user to disable AV/C in DV input
2011-05-24 Thadeu Lima... New release.
2011-05-24 Thadeu Lima... Update hplugins version requirement.
2011-05-24 Thadeu Lima... Add scalable icon to Landell from Valesio Brito.
2011-05-24 Thadeu Lima... Use livekeeper with HTTP input.
2011-05-24 Thadeu Lima... Use decodebin2 instead of decodebin for HTTP input.
2011-05-12 Thadeu Lima... Update documentation for last release.
2011-05-12 Thadeu Lima... First release candidate for 1.0.
2011-04-27 Thadeu Lima... Add audioconvert to audio pipeline
2011-04-27 Thadeu Lima... Use videomixer2 instead of videomixer
2011-04-27 Thadeu Lima... Adds HTTP input
2011-04-25 Thadeu Lima... Fixate PAR for v4l2src
2011-04-25 Thadeu Lima... videotestsrc may have its size configured now
2010-09-29 Luciana Fujii... sltv: Checking if audio source is selected
2010-08-19 Luciana Fujii... Enabling change of audio source during transmission
2010-08-19 Luciana Fujii... sltv: Adding all audio inputs to pipeline
2010-08-19 Luciana Fujii... Adding AudioInputBin class
2010-08-19 Luciana Fujii... watermark: Does not resize if not requested
2010-08-19 Luciana Fujii... sltv: Removing debug to dot file
2010-08-19 Luciana Fujii... Removing unused queue
2010-08-17 Andres Gonzalezoverlay: Adding clear button in text overlay
2010-08-13 Luciana Fujii... Output stop button is non sensitive when stopped
2010-08-12 Luciana Fujii... sltv: Implementing stop of independent output
2010-08-12 Luciana Fujii... output.ui: Setting button to sensitive again
2010-08-12 Luciana Fujii... OutputsView: stopping the output in sltv
2010-08-12 Luciana Fujii... sltv: Using class OutputBin to construct the output
2010-08-12 Luciana Fujii... Adding class OutputBin to allow stopping one output
2010-08-05 Luciana Fujii... outputs_view: keeping output_items references
2010-08-02 Marcelo Jorge... Adding myself in author section in some files
2010-08-02 Marcelo Jorge... Fixing gstreamer0.10-hplugins version in README
2010-07-28 Luciana Fujii... Releasing version 0.9
2010-07-28 Luciana Fujii... RELEASE: Updating release notes for version 0.9
2010-07-28 Marcelo Jorge... Changing sensitive of output stop button in main UI
2010-07-28 Luciana Fujii... metadata: fixing month which is zero based
2010-07-28 Luciana Fujii... sltv: Using multeequeue in the preview_tee
2010-07-28 Luciana Fujii... Adding MulTeeQueue element
2010-07-16 Luciana Fujii... dvinput: Removing decodebin2 and using multiqueue
2010-07-15 Luciana Fujii... dvinput: Fixes last commit, removing queue adition
2010-07-15 Luciana Fujii... Removing extra queue from DV
2010-07-15 Luciana Fujii... effects: Add filters matching "Filter/Video"
2010-07-15 Luciana Fujii... sltv: Leaving unselected audio pads unlinked
2010-07-14 Luciana Fujii... dvinput: Using decodebin2 to decode DV
2010-07-13 Lucas Albertosltv: Add colorspace between cairoimageoverlay and...
2010-07-13 Luciana Fujii... sltv: Checking if b_source exists before setting PIP
2010-07-13 Luciana Fujii... sources_view: Fixing source removal
2010-07-13 Luciana Fujii... sources_view: selection of sources using RadioActions
2010-07-12 Luciana Fujii... README: Added dependency of hplugins
2010-07-10 Luciana Fujii... Adding videobalance to sltv
2010-07-09 Luciana Fujii... watermark: setting size to unsensitive when playing
2010-07-09 Luciana Fujii... sltv: Watermark properties are changed during transmission
2010-07-09 Luciana Fujii... watermark: Adjusting also the height of the image
2010-07-09 Luciana Fujii... watermark: Setting alpha in sltv
2010-07-09 Luciana Fujii... sltv: Setting default size for watermark
2010-07-09 Luciana Fujii... watermark: Changing UI positions
2010-07-09 Luciana Fujii... watermark: Adding alpha setting to UI
2010-07-09 Luciana Fujii... watermark: Allowing more digits in size gtk.HScale
2010-07-09 Luciana Fujii... sltv: Using new version of cairoimageoverlay
2010-07-09 Luciana Fujii... watermark: adding position
2010-07-09 Luciana Fujii... PIPSelector: Changed requested size for PIPSelector
2010-07-09 Luciana Fujii... Adding Watermark to sltv
2010-07-09 Luciana Fujii... watermark: Adding WaterMarkUI and watermark.ui
2010-07-08 Luciana Fujii... Preview: changing properties to booleans
2010-07-06 Luciana Fujii... videomixer: Adding alpha to fix not negotiated error
2010-06-09 Luciana Fujii... sltv: Set default width and height if there is no output
2010-06-08 Luciana Fujii... Releasing version 0.8
2010-06-08 Luciana Fujii... RELEASE: Updating release notes for version 0.8
2010-06-08 Luciana Fujii... Removing commented code that slipped out in last commit
2010-06-08 Lucas AlbertoInclude audiorate element to fix audio problems.
2010-06-07 Luciana Fujii... videomixer: Setting default active pads
2010-06-04 Luciana Fujii... Changing overlay UI from vertical to horizontal
2010-06-04 Luciana Fujii... Moving volume setting from settings toolbar
2010-06-04 Lucas AlbertoAdjust dimensions of pic-in-pic.
2010-06-04 Lucas AlbertoAdjust default audio rate to 22050Hz.
2010-05-28 Luciana Fujii... Metadata: Adding fiels suggested by Fabricio
2010-05-27 Luciana Fujii... Metadata: saving and loading configuration
2010-05-27 Luciana Fujii... Removing ui parameter from MediaListUI
2010-05-27 Luciana Fujii... Adding metadata to SLTV
2010-05-27 Gustavo Noronha... Use a single dialog for pipeline preferences