last changeMon, 23 Apr 2012 18:23:25 +0000 (20:23 +0200)
2012-04-23 Carlos MartínAdd harmattan missing bits master
2012-01-24 Carlos Martínpartial pylint
2012-01-24 Carlos MartínClose current window when Qt.quit signal is emitted
2012-01-24 Carlos Martínrename lrpc to mbus
2012-01-24 Carlos Martínrename lrpc to mbus
2012-01-24 Carlos MartínFix deps
2012-01-24 Carlos Martínmove to views dir
2012-01-24 Carlos MartínRemove dependence from PySide of main view classes
2012-01-24 Carlos Martínrenamed controller module to appcontroller
2012-01-24 Carlos MartínDon't block when load views which source fetched from net
2012-01-21 Carlos MartínAdd support load asyncronously QML code for main view
2012-01-20 Carlos MartínUpdate to make use of QtComponents
2012-01-18 Carlos MartínAdd theme.inverted dummy data
2012-01-18 Carlos MartínAdd scaffold based of QtComponentsGallery
2012-01-17 Carlos Martínbuild c++ code with mad from fabfile for deployment
2012-01-17 Carlos MartínAdd standalone test app to develop UI
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