no more return and reusable self.message
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2009-10-14 Aymeric Mansouxno more return and reusable self.message
2009-10-14 Aymeric Mansouxclass typo
2009-10-14 Aymeric Mansouxsimplified class to allow a.method1(a.method2(message))
2009-10-13 Aymeric Mansouxscry method complete
2009-10-13 Aymeric Mansouxrewrote cornucopia so it's easier for newbies to read
2009-10-13 Aymeric Mansouxfloat handling for cornucopia
2009-10-13 Aymeric Mansouxbetter handling of float for stretch
2009-10-13 Aymeric Mansouxstretch multiplier
2009-10-13 Aymeric Mansouxmushroom method complet
2009-10-12 Aymeric Mansouxremix method complete
2009-10-12 Aymeric Mansouxbeginning of a string manipulation class for r3340...