2009-09-07 Aymeric Mansouxsimple bot listenning to everything
2009-09-07 Aymeric Mansouxputing back reference r3340
2009-09-07 Aymeric Mansouxpreliminary support for multiple VTs
2009-09-06 Aymeric Mansouxchatline display
2009-09-06 Aymeric Mansouxbasic bot to monolith communication
2009-09-06 Aymeric Mansouxmoving dec300 class to bot folder
2009-09-06 Aymeric Mansouxmonobot added
2009-09-06 Aymeric Mansouxback to cursor
2009-09-06 Aymeric Mansouxdec300 simple class
2009-09-06 Aymeric Mansouxdec300 simple class
2009-09-06 Aymeric Mansouxx y fuckup fixed
2009-09-06 Aymeric Mansouxdec300 refence telnet python code + random mode test
2009-09-06 Aymeric Mansouxupdated hgignore
2009-09-03 RAND[n] now makes a random pattern from...
2009-09-02 jkr3340.01 fix
2009-08-06 jkr3340.01 rand[n] command
2009-08-06 Jan-Kees van... r3340.01
2009-08-05 Jan-Kees van... bots continued
2009-08-05 Jan-Kees van... okay
2009-08-05 Jan-Kees van... mmm
2009-08-05 Jan-Kees van... +
2009-08-05 Jan-Kees van... rand methods for the 3340 bot
2009-08-04 Jan-Kees van... changes and additions (auto-mode), like x3340...
2009-08-02 Jan-Kees van... bs tweaks
2009-07-30 Jan-Kees van... masswuxia update
2009-07-24 Jan-Kees van... sc stuff 109
2009-07-22 Jan-Kees van... more sc edits1
2009-07-20 Jan-Kees van... ugenlist, mode+v, proxies0 work
2009-07-19 Jan-Kees van... filename improvements
2009-07-19 Jan-Kees van... updated record.scd
2009-07-18 Jan-Kees van... plusmin
2009-07-18 Jan-Kees van... blub
2009-07-18 Jan-Kees van... branch merge, cruft remove
2009-07-18 Jan-Kees van... rm cruft
2009-07-18 Jan-Kees van... first controls from chatbot(b... is barsyn...
2009-07-17 Claude Heiland... branch merge
2009-07-17 Jan-Kees van... start python bot from mode+v.scd
2009-07-17 Jan-Kees van... day2 is okay, plus better botsynth2 helpfile
2009-07-17 Jan-Kees van... yoyoyo
2009-07-17 Aymeric MansouxAdded tag 0.2 - CBK for changeset 4d141158f9ff
2009-07-17 Aymeric Mansouxbranch merge
2009-07-17 Aymeric Mansouxminor python tutorial update
2009-07-16 Jan-Kees van... update sc part
2009-07-13 Jan-Kees van... cleanup of sc files
2009-07-11 Jan-Kees van... branch merge, added E (macs interface), Ugen-classSubTr...
2009-07-09 Aymeric Mansouxbranch mergehg merge! BFFhg merge
2009-07-09 Aymeric Mansouxextra condition
2009-07-09 Jan-Kees van... added remote server to remoteclient
2009-07-09 Jan-Kees van... last edits
2009-07-09 Jan-Kees van... last edits
2009-07-09 Aymeric Mansouxupdating port to sc port
2009-07-09 Jan-Kees van... added osc.scd 2
2009-07-09 Jan-Kees van... added osc.scd
2009-07-09 Jan-Kees van... remoteclient demo botsynths update
2009-07-09 Jan-Kees van... bracnch merge
2009-07-09 Jan-Kees van... dd
2009-07-09 Aymeric Mansouxbranch merge
2009-07-09 Aymeric Mansouxupdated TODO
2009-07-09 Aymeric Mansouxmore emacs tips
2009-07-09 Aymeric Mansouxmerge OSC tutorial in python's
2009-07-09 Aymeric Mansouxcleaning osc tutorial
2009-07-09 Aymeric Mansouxsimplifying workshop bot
2009-07-09 Aymeric Mansouxpointless
2009-07-09 Aymeric Mansouxmini python tutorial
2009-07-09 Aymeric Mansouxbranch merge + renaming workshop bot
2009-07-08 Jan-Kees van... add remoteclient.scd
2009-07-08 Jan-Kees van... moved record to xtra
2009-07-08 Jan-Kees van... remove emacs.scd(duplicate stuff)
2009-07-08 Jan-Kees van... last edits, record does not seem to work :-/
2009-07-08 Jan-Kees van... cleaned up demo.scd
2009-07-08 Jan-Kees van... proxies cleanup
2009-07-08 Jan-Kees van... proxies0 cleanup, general cleanup 12
2009-07-08 Jan-Kees van... xtras invisible, overall edits 18
2009-07-07 Jan-Kees van... added remoteclient, edits here and there
2009-07-07 Jan-Kees van... sc workshop edits + reordering
2009-07-06 vcacleanup 1.02
2009-07-06 Aymeric Mansouxbranch merge
2009-07-06 Aymeric Mansouxupdated planning
2009-07-06 Aymeric Mansouxupdated INSTALL doc for botsynth demo
2009-07-06 Aymeric Mansouxsome cleaning on the demo file
2009-07-06 Aymeric Mansouxbranch merge
2009-07-06 vcaadded demo.scd (botsynth stuff)
2009-07-06 jkfixed paths for pd:live install
2009-07-06 Aymeric Mansouxfixed hgignore
2009-07-06 Aymeric Mansouxbot start doc
2009-07-06 Aymeric Mansouxrenaming 3340 bot to r3340
2009-07-06 Jan-Kees van... crazy edit 1
2009-07-06 Aymeric MansouxTODO update
2009-07-06 Aymeric Mansouxmarked IRC tour done
2009-07-06 Aymeric Mansouxsmall notes about IRC and IRC bots
2009-07-06 Jan-Kees van... botsynth cleanup 1
2009-07-06 Jan-Kees van... clean up 0.1
2009-07-06 Jan-Kees van... cbk edit 3873
2009-07-06 Jan-Kees van... more fixes (startup etc)
2009-07-05 Jan-Kees van... added some stuff at prerequisites (new sc / rt priority...
2009-07-05 Jan-Kees van... CBK cleanup 2
2009-07-05 Jan-Kees van... cbk cleanup 1
2009-07-05 Aymeric Mansouxsmall text for workshop description
2009-07-05 Aymeric Mansouxremoved mistake from hgignore the pattern was preventin...
2009-07-05 Aymeric Mansouxadded project prerequisites in INSTALL