DSME option intended under INIT option
[skype-autolauncher:skype-autolauncher.git] / src /
2012-03-05 Andres GomezDSME option intended under INIT option
2012-03-05 Andres GomezAdded fullscreen option
2012-03-05 Andres GomezAvoiding SIGSEV when unrefing NULL pointers
2012-03-05 Andres Gomez"toggled" signal emitted on initial set
2012-03-05 Andres GomezReplaced Hildon Banner with Gtk+ Message Dialog
2012-03-05 Andres GomezCommented unused variables
2012-03-04 Andres GomezSet proper DBUS defines for Skype
2012-03-04 Andres GomezReplaced the OSSO call in the home widget
2012-03-04 Andres GomezAdded OSSO support to call Skype service
2012-03-04 Andres GomezAdded Hildon Desktop Home plugin.
2012-03-04 Andres GomezAdded Control Panel Applet.