Fix: 2.05 JavaScript error
[skeletonquest:skeletonquest.git] / template.css
2013-11-09 Denis ChenuFix: 2.05 JavaScript error
2013-10-10 Denis ChenuFix: bad HTML on credits list + emplacement of checkbox...
2013-07-18 Denis ChenuBetter change font-size
2013-07-14 Denis ChenuFix again first br in error mandatory
2013-07-14 Denis ChenuWhy i choose middle ?
2013-07-14 Denis ChenuFixed bug: display br even in mandatory
2013-07-14 Denis Chenuquestion table background color : no .array1
2013-07-12 Denis ChenuFix print survey for user
2013-07-11 Denis ChenuStart some fix for ie6/7
2013-07-02 Denis ChenuFix: don't display js input if js is not activated
2013-06-20 Denis ChenuFix: ielt9 don't apply to ie8
2013-06-14 Denis ChenuFirst 2.0 version
2012-10-19 Denis ChenuRemove jquery touch punch for 1.92 compatibility
2012-09-08 Denis ChenuSome fix
2012-09-08 Denis ChenuMove easy color template adaptation to start
2012-09-08 Denis ChenuTake Multi column attribute
2012-09-07 Denis ChenuVersion 0.1