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2014-07-22 John PirieNew home: master
2014-06-15 John PirieRemoved credits from skalpel.1 - let's keep them in...
2014-06-15 John PirieFixed ChangeLog line lengths
2014-06-15 John PirieUpdates to user guide to include bug tracking information
2014-06-14 John PirieSome updates to infixity
2013-12-10 John PirieAdditions to detect and report errors when sharing...
2013-12-04 John PirieAdded a Makefile target for documentation generation
2013-12-02 John PirieFix of an old comment block
2013-11-25 John PirieAddition of patch for doxygen system and instructions...
2013-11-08 John PirieDoxygen updates
2013-10-30 John PirieFurther support for include specifications, some docume...
2013-10-15 John PirieUpdates to implementation to add supposome support...
2013-10-07 John PirieUpdates to parser and to some experiment files
2013-09-20 John PirieSome tests for include specifications, added warm-up...
2013-08-30 John PirieAdded some new test files on structure sharing
2013-08-30 John PirieGeneral cleanup and documentation update
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