last changeWed, 5 Aug 2009 04:03:43 +0000 (00:03 -0400)
2009-08-05 Jesse McGinnisUpdated CakePHP to v1.2.4.8284 master
2009-08-05 Jesse McGinnisUpdated More Line endings to LF
2009-08-04 Jesse McGinnisAdded prefs.xml for KomodoIDE.
2009-08-04 Jesse McGinnisUpdated lind endings on most files to LF. Added Komodo...
2009-07-30 Jesse McGinnisSetup scaffolding properly.
2009-07-30 Jesse McGinnisJust tmp folder changes.
2009-07-30 Jesse McGinnisRemoved Resident->views & residents_controller. Will...
2009-07-30 Jesse McGinnisUpdated model associations.
2009-07-30 Jesse McGinnisUpdated form save data in users_controller.
2009-07-30 Jesse McGinnisChanged User id validation in models->user.
2009-07-29 Jesse McGinnisFixed UI bug in users->index view
2009-07-29 Jesse McGinnisAdded more validation to user model. Removed duplicate...
2009-07-29 Jesse McGinnisMade view user->register update resident table.
2009-07-29 Jesse McGinnischanged search query.
2009-07-29 Jesse McGinnisOnly display please log in when invalid login is not...
2009-07-29 Jesse McGinnisAdded missing closing brace to register().
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