2014-07-18 Mark Janssen5.1.1 5.1.1
2014-07-18 Mark JanssenFix build
2014-07-18 Mark JanssenUpdated Sync handling
2014-07-18 Mark JanssenProperly store filter.
2014-07-18 Mark Janssenreset sync in progress with background syncing
2014-07-18 Mark JanssenBetter syncing feedback
2014-07-18 Mark JanssenPossible fix for ANR
2014-07-17 Mark JanssenBail out early if not authenticated 5.1.0
2014-07-17 Mark JanssenUpdated changelog 5.0.9
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenMore changes
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenMore NPE checks
2014-07-16 Mark Janssen5.0.7 5.0.7
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenMore nullity fixes in Dropbox FileStore
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenMore nullity fixes
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenNullability infered
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenMore NPE fixes, 5.0.6 5.0.6
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenUpdated tracker URL to append /issues
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenUpdated URLs
2014-07-16 Mark Janssen5.0.5 5.0.5
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenFix crash in widget if Dropbox is not authenticated
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenFixed warnings
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenFixed warnings
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenFixed warnings
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenFix CAB task count and select all
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenFixed some warnings
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenEnable auto-archive
2014-07-16 Mark JanssenTypos in Changelog
2014-07-15 Mark Janssenvim start file for Unix
2014-07-15 Mark JanssenUse API 20
2014-07-14 Mark JanssenPrevent crash on update
2014-07-13 Mark Janssen5.0.4 5.0.4
2014-07-13 Mark JanssenHide due and threshold dates in extended view (#109)
2014-07-12 Mark JanssenFix #106 5.0.3
2014-07-11 Mark Janssen5.0.2 5.0.2
2014-07-11 Mark JanssenDropbox: properly reset file listener when changing...
2014-07-11 Mark JanssenForgot about new icons in changelog
2014-07-10 Mark Janssen5.0.1 5.0.1
2014-07-10 Mark JanssenRemove context sensitive help
2014-07-10 Mark Janssen5.0.0 5.0.0
2014-07-10 Mark JanssenDon't invalidate current path with cache
2014-07-10 Mark JanssenMerge tag '5.0.0RC3'
2014-07-08 Mark Janssen5.0.0RC3 5.0.0RC3
2014-07-08 Mark JanssenExplain checkboxes
2014-07-08 Mark JanssenBetter german translation for Archive
2014-07-08 Mark JanssenAdded context sensitive help
2014-07-08 Mark JanssenFixed build
2014-07-08 Mark JanssenFixed some warnings
2014-07-08 Mark JanssenReload cache if opening todo file
2014-07-08 Mark JanssenRemoved unneeded toast method
2014-07-08 Mark JanssenHandle hardware search button
2014-07-08 Mark JanssenAllow incremental search
2014-07-08 Mark JanssenProper way of updating left drawer
2014-07-07 Mark JanssenListen to proper broadcasr
2014-07-07 Mark JanssenAdded some Dropbox beta logging
2014-07-07 Mark JanssenUpdate drawers when header clicked
2014-07-07 Mark JanssenSwitched to Guava ordering
2014-07-07 Mark JanssenRemove some magic strings
2014-07-07 Mark JanssenFix combination of completion and create date
2014-07-06 Mark JanssenPossible fix for crash if app is closed while browsing...
2014-07-06 Mark Janssen5.0.0RC2 5.0.0RC2
2014-07-06 Mark JanssenAdded test cases for refactored recurrence
2014-07-06 Mark JanssenRefactored recurrence into markComplete
2014-07-05 Mark JanssenFixed recurrence issue
2014-07-05 Mark Janssen5.0.0RC1 5.0.0RC1
2014-07-04 Mark JanssenRemove unneeded methods
2014-07-04 Mark JanssenDon't store raw text anymore
2014-07-04 Mark JanssenImplemented hidden token
2014-07-04 Mark JanssenFixed additional spaces when defering 5.0.0beta4
2014-07-04 Mark JanssenFixed threshold date
2014-07-04 Mark JanssenFix build and unit tests
2014-07-04 Mark JanssenFixed most test suite failures
2014-07-04 Mark JanssenHandle EOL changes without restarting
2014-07-04 Mark JanssenApply changed theme without app restart
2014-07-03 Mark Janssen5.0.0beta3
2014-07-03 Mark JanssenFixed cloudless performance
2014-07-03 Mark JanssenAdded thread synchronisation
2014-07-03 Mark JanssenFix phone number parsing
2014-07-03 Mark JanssenFixed selection performance
2014-07-03 Mark JanssenCloudless load in backgroubnd
2014-07-03 Mark JanssenFix archive
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenFix file switching
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenKeep dropbox file open
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenPrepend create date if requested
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenMove getters to end
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenAlso updated cached prio when setting priority
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenHandle prios properly using tokens
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenFixed scrolling
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenDon't reload if we already have latest
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenObserve filter
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenManage display with token flags
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenRevert "Huge performance improvement by preventing...
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenHuge performance improvement by preventing copying...
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenDon't fail to open a Dbx file if we are not connected
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenSimplified updating behavior
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenFixes
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenRemoved unused classes
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenToken as seperate class
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenContinuing lexing
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenStart of proper lexing
2014-07-02 Mark JanssenSeparated sync and file changed broadcasts