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last changeTue, 30 Oct 2012 11:30:21 +0000 (11:30 +0000)
2012-10-30 Michel Polletusb: Made the usb example optional master
2012-10-25 Jakob GruberMakefiles: Add manual and a global doc target v1.0
2012-10-25 Jakob Gruberdoc: Add simavr manual
2012-09-10 Jakob Grubermisc: Point to correct simavr include dirs
2012-09-10 Jakob Grubermisc: Move avr_mcu_section.h to sim/avr
2012-09-10 Jakob GruberMakefiles: Remove executable bit from headers
2012-09-10 Jakob GruberMakefiles: Separate simavr.pc and simavr-avr.pc
2012-09-10 Jakob GruberMakefiles: Use PREFIX instead of DESTDIR in simavr.pc
2012-09-10 Jakob Grubercore: Deinitialize GDB in avr_terminate()
2012-08-31 Jakob Grubercores: Use correct extint control register
2012-08-31 Jakob GruberRevert "examples: hd44780 responds on falling edge...
2012-08-31 Michel Polletvcd: Made the trace buffer dynamic
2012-08-29 Jakob Gruberioport: Restore PIN to PORT values when DDR is set...
2012-08-29 Jakob Gruberioport: Use IRQ_FLAG_FILTERED instead of manual filtering
2012-08-29 Jakob Grubervcd_file: Update comment to reflect correct time units
2012-08-29 Jakob Grubertimer: Avoid infinite cycle timer on TCNT write
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