last changeSat, 23 Jan 2010 15:25:47 +0000 (16:25 +0100)
2010-01-23 lukiexample using a hd44780 lcd simulator added. master
2010-01-06 Michel Polletcore: Simplify changes to SREG
2010-01-06 Michel Polletmisc: Small cleanup
2010-01-06 Michel Polleteeprom: fix a less-than bug
2010-01-06 Michel Polletwatchdog: Added a test module
2010-01-06 Michel Polletcores: Add watchdog
2010-01-06 Michel Polletcore: Add watchdog timer support
2009-12-26 Michelexamples: Ported to Snow Leopard
2009-12-26 Michel Polletcore: Shuffled code around
2009-12-26 Michel PolletUART: Added documentation
2009-12-26 Michel Polletcores: Added selfprog bootloader support to x4 series
2009-12-26 Michel Polletdoc: Added a doc directory, and a callgraph generator
2009-12-24 Michel Polletsimduino: Bootloader now works!
2009-12-24 Michel PolletUART: Added a flag to disable stdio traces
2009-12-24 Michel PolletSPM: Added Self Programming Instruction & Support
2009-12-24 Michel Pollettimer: No longer craksh when reading TCNT with timer off
8 years ago master