introtduction of the actionmanager
[silence:silence.git] / src / controller.cpp
2010-11-08 Manuel Unglaubintrotduction of the actionmanager
2010-11-03 Manuel Unglaubvarious small adjustments
2010-11-03 Manuel Unglaubvarious small adjustments
2010-08-08 Manuel UnglaubMerge branch 'customnodes' of
2010-08-08 Manuel Unglaubremember changes in a customcontentnode
2010-08-06 Manuel Unglaubcustom nodes are working without any data
2010-07-18 Manuel Unglaubintroduction of the nodetypemanager
2010-05-29 Manuel Unglaubfix for some issues reported by krazy2
2010-05-27 Manuel Unglaubtransition to kxmlguiwindow
2010-05-24 Manuel UnglaubMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-24 Manuel Unglaubincomplete transition from kmainwindow to kxmlguiwindow
2010-04-18 Manuel Unglaubnavigationsidebar added
2010-01-08 Manuel Unglaubchange to cmake