2010-11-03 Manuel UnglaubMerge branch 'dialog_integration'
2010-11-03 Manuel Unglaubintegrated newlinkdialog
2010-11-01 Manuel UnglaubCatalan translation by Salva Ardid
2010-10-30 Manuel Unglaubtranslations updates
2010-10-30 Manuel Unglaubcs translation update
2010-10-22 Manuel Unglaubintegrated labelmanagementdialog
2010-10-16 Manuel Unglaubintegration of the newnodedialog
2010-10-01 Manuel Unglaubremoved splitter form searchnodesidebar because of...
2010-08-21 Manuel Unglaubsyntax additions
2010-08-09 Manuel Unglaublanguage update
2010-08-08 Manuel UnglaubMerge branch 'customnodes' of
2010-08-08 Manuel Unglaubremember changes in a customcontentnode
2010-08-07 Manuel Unglaubsome more cleanup and docu
2010-08-07 Manuel Unglaubcleanup and docu of the CustomNodeElement
2010-08-07 Manuel Unglaubcleanup and docu of CustomContentView
2010-08-07 Manuel Unglaubcleanup and docu of the CustomNodeItem
2010-08-07 Manuel Unglaubcleanup and docu of CustomNodeTypeDefinition
2010-08-07 Manuel Unglaubcleanup and docu of CustomNodeContent
2010-08-07 Manuel Unglaubcleanup and docu of the NodeTypeBuilder
2010-08-07 Manuel Unglaubcleanup and docu of the NodeTypeManager
2010-08-07 Manuel Unglaubcleanup and docu of the NodeTypesPanel
2010-08-07 Manuel Unglaubcustomnodetypes integrated into searchnodesidebar mimetypes
2010-08-07 Manuel Unglaubcustom node images working
2010-08-06 Manuel Unglaubcustom nodes are basically working, except the image...
2010-08-06 Manuel Unglaubcustom nodes are working without any data
2010-08-05 Manuel Unglaubsave and load customnodetypedefinitions
2010-08-05 Manuel Unglaubcreate, edit and delete customnodetypedefinitions
2010-08-05 Manuel Unglaubnodetypebuilder can add and remove items
2010-08-05 Manuel Unglaubsmall steps
2010-08-02 Manuel Unglaubsome nearly empty classes..
2010-07-31 Manuel Unglaubinfosidebar restyled
2010-07-30 Manuel Unglaubintroduction of customnodeelement
2010-07-25 Manuel Unglauba stackedwidget as centralwidget
2010-07-25 Manuel Unglaubnodetypebuilder does some small steps
2010-07-22 Manuel Unglaubsearchnodesidebar-widgets are resizable
2010-07-22 Manuel Unglaubreadme added
2010-07-21 Manuel Unglaubfirst glance of the nodetypebuilder
2010-07-18 Manuel Unglaubintroduction of the nodetypemanager
2010-06-22 Manuel Unglaubversion 0.2.1
2010-06-22 Manuel Unglaubczech language file update
2010-06-08 Manuel Unglaubfix for some translation issues
2010-06-05 Manuel Unglaubsome more krazy2 issues fixed
2010-05-29 Manuel Unglaubfix for some issues reported by krazy2
2010-05-27 Manuel Unglaubtransition to kxmlguiwindow
2010-05-24 Manuel UnglaubMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-24 Manuel Unglaubincomplete transition from kmainwindow to kxmlguiwindow
2010-05-23 Manuel Unglauba new german language file and a preliminary desktop...
2010-05-20 Manuel Unglaubswitch to kde i18n
2010-05-18 Manuel Unglaubcompatibility adjustments
2010-05-16 Manuel Unglaubczech done by Pavel Fric
2010-05-14 Manuel Unglaubversion 0.2
2010-05-14 Manuel Unglaubdocumentation mainpage text
2010-05-14 Manuel Unglaubdocumentation for some classes
2010-05-08 Manuel Unglaubinstall available; data.xml at the right place
2010-05-06 Manuel Unglaubshow recently modified nodes at the welcomeview
2010-04-27 Manuel Unglaubsome adjustments for the notificationbox
2010-04-18 Manuel Unglaubnavigationsidebar added
2010-04-17 Manuel Unglaubnotificationbox contains link to the unsaved node
2010-04-17 Manuel Unglaubnotification for unsaved nodes
2010-02-19 Manuel Unglaubcommandline functions are working again
2010-02-12 Manuel Unglaubpretty tables for the richtextview
2010-02-04 Manuel Unglaubnewtabledialog replaced with addtable frame
2010-02-04 Manuel Unglaubinsert images with a specific size
2010-02-03 Manuel Unglaubsome optimizing an clearing up for the textnodecontent
2010-02-02 Manuel Unglaublazy use of the nodeid
2010-01-30 Manuel Unglaubfix viewmenu inconsistencies
2010-01-29 Manuel Unglauball sidebars can be docked freely
2010-01-26 Manuel Unglaubfix cursor position for the textedit and latex highlighter
2010-01-24 Manuel Unglaubset tabsize to 4 for the textedit
2010-01-24 Manuel Unglaubuse of the kde helpmenu and the kaboutdialog
2010-01-23 Manuel Unglaubreplace qsintilla with ktexteditor
2010-01-17 Manuel Unglaubtranslation files updated
2010-01-14 Manuel Unglaubfix newlinkdialog
2010-01-14 Manuel Unglaublinks to websites and files
2010-01-14 Manuel Unglaubreplace qfiledialog with kfiledialog
2010-01-11 Manuel Unglaubreplaced qlineedit with klineedit
2010-01-10 Manuel Unglaubchange to kapplication and use of aboutdata
2010-01-10 Manuel Unglaubreplace qmainwindow with kmainwindow
2010-01-09 Manuel Unglaubreplaced QIcon with KIcon and removed the dispensable...
2010-01-08 Manuel Unglaubchange to cmake
2010-01-07 Manuel UnglaubMerge remote branch 'origin/richtextedit'
2010-01-07 Manuel Unglaubrtfedit moved
2010-01-04 Manuel Unglaubsmall drop link fix
2009-12-31 Manuel Unglaubfix replace all infinite loop bug
2009-12-30 Manuel Unglaubadd and remove columns and rows to a table
2009-12-30 Manuel Unglaubdrag&drop of internal links
2009-12-29 Manuel Unglaubuse the find/replace action
2009-12-25 Manuel Unglaubinsert tables for the richtextedit
2009-12-24 Manuel Unglaubimpoved newlinkdialog
2009-12-23 Manuel Unglauba basic newlinkdialog and the removal of some redundant...
2009-12-22 Manuel Unglaubinternal links are working
2009-12-20 Manuel Unglaubhighlight text with a background color
2009-12-20 Manuel Unglaubsmall refactoring and text color icon
2009-12-20 Manuel Unglaubinsert rule for the richtextedit
2009-12-19 Manuel Unglaubinsert image for the richtextedit
2009-12-17 Manuel Unglaubstyle combolist removed and create un-/ordered list...
2009-12-17 Manuel Unglaubindent for the lists in the richtextedit
2009-12-15 Manuel Unglaubcustom contextmenu for the richtextedit
2009-12-14 Manuel Unglaubuse always a monospace font for the textedit
2009-12-09 Manuel Unglaubfulltext search is now always case insensitive