2010-03-27 Piotr Esden... Removed now obsolete mac os x specific paths.
2010-03-27 Uwe HermannAdd sigrok-cli(1) and sigrok-gui(1) manpages.
2010-03-27 Uwe Hermanninclude_HEADERS is more correct for sigrok.h.
2010-03-26 Uwe HermannUse automake --foreign to simplify things.
2010-03-26 Uwe HermannMake sigrok.h known to autotools.
2010-03-26 Uwe HermannAdd some more useful options to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE.
2010-03-26 Uwe HermannAC_INIT: Add more metadata.
2010-03-26 Uwe HermannAdd a few more autoconf checks.
2010-03-26 Uwe HermannAdd Windows application icon and instrastructure.
2010-03-26 Uwe HermannAdd -Wextra to expose more potential code issues.
2010-03-25 Uwe HermannAdd missing cast which may break the build.
2010-03-25 Uwe HermannDon't hardcode libs, use pkg-config.
2010-03-25 Bert Vermeulenonly free output buffer if non-NULL, conforming to...
2010-03-24 Bert VermeulenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-03-24 Bert Vermeulensome sample code, handy for a new output module
2010-03-24 Uwe HermannIndentation fixes in the *.pro file.
2010-03-24 Bert Vermeulenfree filter buffer after use
2010-03-24 Bert VermeulenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-03-24 Bert Vermeulenfix brokenness when using random probes, not just 1-
2010-03-24 Bert Vermeulenmove probe filter stuff out of datastore
2010-03-23 Uwe HermannDrop unused variables.
2010-03-23 Bert Vermeulenmove bin/hex text printers to new output module
2010-03-22 Uwe HermannPretty much finished German translation.
2010-03-22 Uwe HermannUpdate de_DE translation a bit.
2010-03-22 Uwe HermannDon't use deprecated QString::sprintf().
2010-03-22 Uwe HermannFix incorrect QGridLayout usage.
2010-03-22 Bert Vermeulenadd pluggable output module system
2010-03-22 Uwe HermannReplace deprecated atoi() with strtol() et al.
2010-03-22 Uwe HermannDrop HWCAP_LIMIT_SECONDS usage to fix build.
2010-03-21 Bert Vermeulenfix off-by-one malloc
2010-03-21 Bert Vermeulenremove continuous sampling mode for now
2010-03-21 Bert Vermeulenmore consistent/sane interaction between frontends...
2010-03-20 Bert Vermeulenremove HWCAP_LIMIT_SECONDS from driver
2010-03-20 Bert VermeulenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-03-20 Uwe HermannSet Preferences window title.
2010-03-20 Uwe HermannAdd scrollbars to each channel dockWindow.
2010-03-20 Bert Vermeulenfix broken samplerate setting
2010-03-20 Bert Vermeulenignore generated files
2010-03-20 Bert Vermeulenhex output mode in CLI
2010-03-19 Uwe HermannTranslate a bunch of strings for de_DE.
2010-03-19 Uwe HermannAdd de_DE sample translation input file (*.ts).
2010-03-19 Uwe HermannPrepare for GUI translations in the build system.
2010-03-18 Uwe HermannAdd missing sigrok logo (without text).
2010-03-18 Uwe HermannClear numSamples combobox before adding values.
2010-03-18 Uwe HermannUse PRIu64 et al from inttypes.h instead of %llu.
2010-03-18 Uwe HermannClear samplerates combobox before adding values.
2010-03-18 Uwe HermannGet supported samplerates from device.
2010-03-18 Bert Vermeulensamplerates are now always in Hz, with type uint64_t
2010-03-18 Uwe HermannUse a bigger logo version (48x48) without text.
2010-03-18 Piotr Esden... Added mac os x icon.
2010-03-18 Uwe HermannDon't set window title manually.
2010-03-18 Uwe HermannStart including sigrok logo in the GUI.
2010-03-18 Uwe HermannDon't hardcode number of probes of the device.
2010-03-17 Uwe HermannFirst quick hack attempt at getting samples.
2010-03-17 Piotr Esden... Added libzip to qmake file.
2010-03-17 Bert Vermeulenproperly keep track of free space inside chunk
2010-03-17 Uwe HermannAbort if any of the commands fail.
2010-03-17 Bert Vermeulensimplify unitsize calculation
2010-03-17 Bert Vermeulendetect short sample count from driver, don't output...
2010-03-17 Bert Vermeulenstop acquisition when the FX2 gives up due to buffer...
2010-03-17 Bert Vermeulenadd session saving functionality + a few more DF_LOGIC...
2010-03-17 Bert Vermeulenadd session saving functionality
2010-03-17 Bert Vermeulenadd libzip, needed for session loading/saving
2010-03-17 Bert Vermeulenevery device has its own datastore now
2010-03-17 Bert Vermeulenfix broken/untested implementation of datastore
2010-03-17 Bert Vermeulenuse driver name, not vendor name, in plugin struct
2010-03-17 Piotr Esden... Fixed building of sigrok gui on mac os x.
2010-03-16 Uwe HermannLicense header cosmetics.
2010-03-16 Bert Vermeulendocs moved to the wiki
2010-03-16 Uwe HermannAdd missing license headers to some files.
2010-03-16 Uwe HermannAdd sample gnuplot file for the CWAV USBee SX.
2010-03-16 Uwe HermannHeader file include guard cleanups.
2010-03-16 Uwe HermannAdd -Wl,--export-dynamic so we can load plugins.
2010-03-16 Uwe HermannMake the global "devices" variable available.
2010-03-16 Uwe HermannInitial import of the flosslogic GUI into sigrok.
2010-03-15 Bert Vermeulenno fw here
2010-03-15 Bert Vermeulendemo hardware driver source
2010-03-15 Uwe HermannAdd HACKING file which lists our coding style.
2010-03-14 Uwe HermannAdd a udev rules file for non-root USB dev access.
2010-03-14 Uwe HermannFix a typo in
2010-03-14 Piotr Esden... Added libtoolize check for mac os in autogen.
2010-03-14 Uwe HermannAdd an initial top-level README file.
2010-03-14 Bert Vermeulentypo
2010-03-13 Bert VermeulenRLE decoding support
2010-03-13 Bert Vermeulenadd user_data to add_source_fd(), so the frontend can...
2010-03-10 Bert Vermeulenadd driver-based trigger support
2010-03-10 Bert Vermeulenadd DF_TRIGGER
2010-03-09 Bert Vermeulenmove GSource stuff to generic implementation
2010-03-09 Bert Vermeulenuse the new generic gsource_fd stuff
2010-03-09 Bert Vermeulenmove gsource_fd to hwplugin.h
2010-03-09 Bert Vermeulenadd generic GSource stuff, so drivers don't have to...
2010-03-09 Bert Vermeulenthis build cannot get any cleaner.
2010-03-08 Bert Vermeulenadd probe + trigger support, datafeed header
2010-03-08 Bert Vermeulenadd probe + trigger infrastructure
2010-03-08 Bert Vermeulenremove debug code
2010-03-08 Bert Vermeuleneven prettier compile
2010-03-08 Bert Vermeulenadded probeconfig before starting acquisition
2010-03-08 Bert Vermeulenadd HWCAP_PROBECONFIG, passing probes and triggers...
2010-03-07 Bert Vermeulenclean up dead code
2010-03-07 Bert Vermeuleninitial version of Openbench Logic Sniffer/Sump driver