Fix #include guard names.
[sigrok:sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw.git] / fx2lafw.c
2012-07-22 Uwe HermannRemove obsolete and unused DEBUG code.
2012-07-22 Uwe HermannCosmetics, update docs.
2012-07-18 Uwe HermannUpdate fx2lafw code to work with recent sdcc.
2012-05-07 Joel HoldsworthRemoved a magic number
2012-05-06 Uwe Hermannfx2lafw: Support for querying REVID.
2012-04-10 Uwe HermannCosmetics, coding style.
2012-04-10 Joel HoldsworthImplemented CMD_GET_FW_VERSION
2012-03-24 Joel HoldsworthMoved main() into fx2lafw.c
2012-03-14 Joel HoldsworthUpsized EP2 FIFO to 4x 1024
2012-03-14 Joel HoldsworthRemoved debug routines - they turned out not to be...
2012-03-11 Joel HoldsworthReset EP2 when GPIF acquisition completes
2012-03-10 Joel HoldsworthCorrected EP2FIFOCFG setup
2012-03-04 Joel HoldsworthRenamed fx2lafw_run to fx2lafw_poll
2012-03-04 Joel HoldsworthImplemented sample rate control
2012-03-03 Joel HoldsworthRemoved CMD_STOP and renumbered commands
2012-03-03 Joel HoldsworthMoved command definitions into command.h
2012-03-03 Joel HoldsworthRemoved CMD_SET_SAMPLRATE
2012-03-03 Joel HoldsworthMoved gpif code out to separate source file
2012-02-22 Uwe HermannVarious cosmetics and bugfixes.
2012-02-22 Joel HoldsworthMoved main() in cwav-usbeeax
2012-02-22 Joel HoldsworthAdded autovector include to fx2lafw header. Software...
2012-02-22 Joel HoldsworthRearranged main() in preparation for split according...
2012-02-22 Joel HoldsworthAdded basic debugf for sending debug messages over USB
2012-02-21 Uwe HermannDraft how commands could be implemented.
2012-02-21 Uwe HermannEliminate EP1, commands should use EP0.
2012-02-21 Uwe HermannUse #defines for REVCTL bits.
2012-02-20 Uwe HermannFirst somewhat working GPIF waveform and setup code.
2012-02-18 Uwe HermannFirst attempt at a sampling GPIF waveform (untested!).
2012-02-14 Uwe HermannInitial version (work in progress).