demo: Drop the use of GIOChannel
[sigrok:libsigrok.git] / hardware / demo / demo.c
2012-12-02 Alexandru Gagniucdemo: Drop the use of GIOChannel
2012-12-02 Alexandru Gagniucdemo: Do not use a separate thread for generating data
2012-12-01 Alexandru Gagniucdemo: Properly stop acquisition after reaching our...
2012-12-01 Alexandru Gagniucdemo: Be more verbose about starting/stopping acquisition
2012-11-11 Uwe Hermannsigma/la8/demo: s/SR_PROBE_ANALOG/SR_PROBE_LOGIC/.
2012-11-11 Uwe HermannAll drivers: Drop unneeded comments.
2012-11-10 Uwe Hermanndemo: Use message logging helpers.
2012-11-06 Bert Vermeulenallow for intermediate stage in stopping acquisition
2012-10-30 Uwe HermannReturn SR_ERR_MALLOC upon allocation errors.
2012-10-29 Bert Vermeulendon't use deprecated g_thread_init/_create
2012-09-11 Bert Vermeulensr: make struct drv_context global
2012-08-05 Bert Vermeulensr/drivers: add API calls sr_dev_inst_list() and sr_dev...
2012-08-05 Bert Vermeulensr/drivers: obsolete SR_HWCAP_PROBECONFIG
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulendemo: remove sources from session when done
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulendemo: use driver-private storage for instances
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulensr: remove obsolete SR_DI_INST
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulensr/drivers: add proper probe list to instances of all...
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulensr/drivers: remove driver API call dev_status_get()
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulensr/drivers: change driver dev_acquisition_start/_stop...
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulensr/drivers: change driver dev_open/dev_close calls...
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulensr/drivers: use sr_dev_inst instead of device index...
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulendemo: don't use deprecated hwcap_get_all() driver API...
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulendemo: scan/info_get fixes
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulendemo: use new driver info_get() API call
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulendemo: use new scan API
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulendemo: use driver struct-based device instance list
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulensr: add new driver API call: scan()
2012-08-03 Bert Vermeulensr: remove unused argument from hardware driver functio...
2012-07-10 Lars-Peter Clausensr: demodevice: Make read channel non-blocking
2012-07-04 Lars-Peter Clausensr: session/demo: Remove Windows specific hack
2012-07-04 Bert Vermeulensr: moved sigrok.h so libsigrok/libsigrok.h
2012-07-03 Lars-Peter Clausensr: demodevice: Reset sample limit when setting time...
2012-05-31 Joel Holdsworthsr: Made sample rate lists const
2012-05-31 Joel Holdsworthsr: Made the dev_config_set parameter a const pointer
2012-05-31 Joel Holdsworthsr: Made the dev_info_get return value const
2012-05-31 Joel Holdsworthsr: Made hwcap const
2012-05-30 Bert Vermeulensr: change all drivers to use SR_DF_META_LOGIC
2012-04-23 Bert Vermeulensr: don't use deprecated glib functions
2012-03-21 Uwe Hermannsr/cli: s/patternmode/pattern/ in a few places.
2012-03-15 Bert VermeulenMerge remote-tracking branch 'joel/public'
2012-03-14 Uwe Hermannsr: demo: s/struct databag/struct context/.
2012-03-14 Uwe Hermannsr: demo: s/mydata/ctx/.
2012-03-04 Uwe Hermannsr: Fix some TODOs, improve comments/docs.
2012-03-04 Uwe Hermannsr: More callback param renames.
2012-03-02 Uwe Hermannsr: Name all callback data 'cb_data'.
2012-03-01 Uwe Hermannsr: s/sr_session_bus/sr_session_send/.
2012-02-28 Uwe Hermannsr/cli/gtk/qt/: s/plugin/driver/.
2012-02-28 Uwe Hermannsr: Fix/document probe names.
2012-02-18 Uwe Hermannsr: Consistent ctx name for per-dev-inst context.
2012-02-18 Uwe Hermannsr: s/config_set/dev_config_set/.
2012-02-18 Uwe Hermannsr: s/acquisition_*/dev_acquisition_*/.
2012-02-18 Uwe Hermannsr: opendev/closedev -> dev_open/dev_close.
2012-02-18 Uwe Hermannsr: s/st*_acquisition/acquisition_st*/.
2012-02-18 Uwe Hermannsr/cli/gtk/qt: s/get_dev_info/dev_info_get/.
2012-02-17 Uwe Hermannsr/cli/gtk/qt: s/configuration/config/.
2012-02-17 Uwe Hermannsr/cli/gtk: s/capability/hwcap/.
2012-02-17 Uwe Hermannsr/cli/gtk: A few more s/instance/inst/.
2012-02-17 Uwe Hermannsr/cli/gtk/qt: s/device/dev/ in many places.
2012-02-17 Uwe Hermannsr: Some more s/device_instance/dev_inst/.
2012-02-13 Bert Vermeulensr: rename more functions to sr_thing_action format
2012-02-13 Bert Vermeulensr: rename all sr_device_instance_* functions to sr_dev...
2012-02-13 Uwe Hermannsr: cleanup callback: Return int.
2012-02-13 Uwe Hermannsr: stop_acquisition callback: Return int.
2012-02-05 Uwe Hermannsr/cli/gtk: Remove analog left-overs from API.
2012-02-05 Uwe Hermannsr: Compile fix for Windows/MinGW.
2012-02-02 Uwe Hermannsr: Make more symbols private via static/SR_PRIV.
2012-02-01 Uwe Hermannsr: Mark API functions with SR_API/SR_PRIV.
2012-02-01 Bert Vermeulensr: remove unused time/duration fields from datafeed...
2012-01-21 Anatoly Sokolovadd SR_HWCAP_DEMO_DEVICE capability
2011-12-29 Kristoffer SjöbergMove the probe naming to the creator of the device...
2011-12-28 Uwe Hermannlibsigrok: Fix #includes.
2011-11-24 Uwe HermannOther method to avoid "unused var" compiler warnings.
2011-06-19 Bert Vermeulenuse new datafeed packet format
2011-05-08 Uwe Hermanndemo: Use memset(), might be faster.
2011-05-08 Uwe Hermanndemo: Add all-low/all-high pattern support.
2011-05-05 Uwe Hermanndemo: s/genmode/pattern/.
2011-05-05 Uwe Hermanndemo: Rename GENMODE_DEFAULT to GENMODE_SIGROK.
2011-05-05 Uwe Hermanndemo: Eliminate unneeded tmp_u64.
2011-05-05 Uwe Hermannlibsigrok: closedev() now has a return code.
2011-05-05 Uwe Hermannlibsigrok: Rename open/close to opendev/closedev.
2011-05-01 Uwe Hermanndemo: Add some more debug output.
2011-04-18 Uwe HermannFix two small warnings.
2011-04-18 Uwe HermannHardware drivers: Use names for struct entries.
2011-04-16 Uwe Hermanndemo: Always use glib's memory allocation functions.
2011-03-03 Uwe HermannAdd SR_HZ macro for consistency.
2011-03-03 Uwe HermannAdd SR_ prefix to the KHZ/MHZ/GHZ macros.
2011-02-20 Uwe HermannConstify some more 'char *' parameters.
2011-02-20 Uwe HermannAdd sr_ prefix to session_{add,remove}.
2011-02-20 Uwe HermannMark some private stuff 'static'.
2011-02-12 Bert Vermeulendemo: forgot second part of samplerate support
2011-02-08 Uwe HermannAdd sr_ prefix to session related API functions.
2011-02-04 Bert Vermeulendemo: support setting sample rate
2011-02-01 Bert Vermeulendemo: stored-pattern generator now keeps state
2011-01-30 Uwe HermannSR_ prefix for all public enums.
2011-01-30 Uwe HermannPrefix device structs with sr_.
2011-01-30 Uwe HermannAdd a field for the full name of a device.
2011-01-30 Uwe HermannPrefix datafeed structs with sr_.
2011-01-30 Uwe Hermannget_sr_device_instance() -> sr_get_device_instance().
2011-01-30 Uwe HermannChange all sigrok_ prefixes to sr_.
2011-01-30 Uwe HermannChange SIGROK_ prefix to SR_.