last changeFri, 18 Nov 2011 16:11:45 +0000 (17:11 +0100)
2011-11-18 Miguel GómezRelease of version 0.5 master
2011-11-18 Miguel GómezSet current database version on creation
2011-11-18 Miguel GómezTranslations updated
2011-11-18 Miguel GómezAdded code migrate database contents to new version
2011-11-18 Miguel GómezDebug message removed
2011-11-18 Miguel GómezScheduledDetailsDialogDesktop supports multiple days
2011-11-18 Miguel GómezAdd new column to the scheduled expenses model to hold...
2011-11-18 Miguel GómezCreate scheduled expenses all the specified days
2011-04-11 Miguel GómezScheduled expenses dialog in the maemo version modified...
2011-04-11 Miguel GómezFixed showing wrong month number in summary graph
2010-09-24 Miguel GómezCheck for database version when app launches, and updat...
2010-09-24 Miguel Gómezdo not remove database directory when uninstalled
2010-08-04 Miguel GómezAdded buttons to go to previous/next month in desktop...
2010-08-04 Miguel GómezRemoved non common dependencies. Description updated
2010-07-29 Miguel GómezConfirmation dialog to create a new/updated scheduled...
2010-07-28 Miguel GómezConfirmation to delete a concept moved to the dialogs...
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