last changeSat, 18 Jun 2011 01:06:18 +0000 (02:06 +0100)
2011-06-18 Jack EdgeAnnotated dev/ master
2011-06-05 Jack EdgeUpdated doc to reflect code, re: JSON flag
2011-06-05 Jack EdgeAllow for "sub-type" variables in JSON
2011-06-05 Jack EdgeMerge branch 'servercontrol' into typecleaning
2011-06-04 Jack EdgeDocumentation partially updated to reflect changes
2011-06-02 Jack EdgeMore scripting/console changes
2011-06-02 Jack EdgeNow uses SERVERAUTH check
2011-06-02 Jack EdgeNow executes orders, on specified console
2011-06-02 Jack EdgeServer now has scripting interpreter manager
2011-06-02 Jack EdgeRenamed to
2011-06-02 Jack EdgeModule for ingame scripting environment
2011-06-02 Jack EdgeSimple auth against shared secret for admin
2011-06-02 Jack Edge"admin" packets added to documentation
2011-06-02 Jack EdgeAdded "admin" packets, sent to control the server
2011-06-02 Jack EdgeAdded SecretMangler to server
2011-06-01 Jack EdgeMassive network code modification
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