2011-09-18 Anselmo L.... Screen resolution
2011-09-03 Anselmo L.... Removed script used on Maemo 5
2011-09-03 Anselmo L.... gitignore QtCreator config files
2011-09-03 Anselmo L.... Added packaging files for Meego/Harmattan
2011-09-03 Anselmo L.... Removed old Symbian-C++ code
2011-09-03 Anselmo L.... Updated project file; using deployment.pri
2011-09-03 Anselmo L.... Added updated version of shoppinglist.desktop
2011-09-03 Anselmo L.... Reorganizing the repository
2011-01-05 Adriano RezendePrepare resource to support multi-language
2011-01-05 Adriano RezendeFixed missing translation code for "Add item"
2011-01-05 Adriano RezendeMake all items in resource list to be editable
2011-01-05 Anselmo Lacerda... New package version: 1.1
2011-01-05 Anselmo Lacerda... Task switcher button for Maemo 5 version
2011-01-05 Anselmo Lacerda... Update new images, resource file
2011-01-05 Adriano RezendeAdded new buttons and about
2011-01-05 Adriano RezendeChanged UID to use assigned code for Symbian shoppinglist-ovi-1.0
2011-01-05 Adriano RezendeAdded debian package for maemo
2011-01-05 Adriano RezendeAdded application source code
2011-01-05 Adriano RezendeAdded resource files