last changeMon, 31 Oct 2011 13:56:06 +0000 (10:56 -0300)
2011-10-31 Anselmo L.... Android build: Use Ministro II master
2011-09-28 Anselmo L.... MeeGo/Harmattan orientation
2011-09-19 Anselmo L.... Screen resolution, again
2011-09-19 Anselmo L.... Initial config file removed: Generate it programatically
2011-09-19 Anselmo L.... Android build: Added build files used by Necessitas
2011-09-19 Anselmo L.... Removed run time check used in the S60 5th Ed.
2011-09-19 Anselmo L.... Use the macro QT_SIMULATOR
2011-09-18 Anselmo L.... Screen resolution
2011-09-03 Anselmo L.... Removed script used on Maemo 5
2011-09-03 Anselmo L.... gitignore QtCreator config files
2011-09-03 Anselmo L.... Added packaging files for Meego/Harmattan
2011-09-03 Anselmo L.... Removed old Symbian-C++ code
2011-09-03 Anselmo L.... Updated project file; using deployment.pri
2011-09-03 Anselmo L.... Added updated version of shoppinglist.desktop
2011-09-03 Anselmo L.... Reorganizing the repository
2011-01-05 Adriano RezendePrepare resource to support multi-language
7 years ago shoppinglist-ovi-1.0 First release in OVI store
6 years ago harmattan
6 years ago master
7 years ago italian