last changeSun, 28 Aug 2011 10:51:11 +0000 (11:51 +0100)
2011-08-28 Ben SpencerCopy doc. master
2011-07-23 Ben SpencerCreate/delete database commands.
2011-07-23 Ben SpencerAuth support.
2011-06-22 Ben SpencerPort is now specified with -P, to make room for password.
2011-05-30 Ben SpencerMake some stuff global so it's accessible from the rc.
2011-05-30 Ben SpencerRemoved some redundancy in error reporting.
2011-05-30 Ben SpencerLoad rc (not very useful yet though).
2011-05-29 Ben SpencerEnsure temp files are closed/unlinked.
2011-05-29 Ben SpencerUse .json extension for temp files.
2011-05-29 Ben SpencerStrip reserved values from docs before editing.
2011-05-28 Ben SpencerDisplay errors more compactly.
2011-05-28 Ben SpencerAllow abbreviating commands.
2011-05-28 Ben SpencerList commands when help is used with no argument.
2011-05-28 Ben SpencerAdd newly created doc IDs to cache.
2011-05-28 Ben SpencerAdd design doc IDs to doc list cache when design is...
2011-05-28 Ben SpencerUse getopt: port is now specified with -p, and initial...
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