make that a separate test,
[shedskin:mainline.git] / shedskin /
2013-08-17 Mark Dufourexperimental support for 'if isinstance()' guiding...
2013-06-12 Mark Dufouradd warning for improperly used staticmethod, instead...
2013-06-10 Mark Dufourwe only need one warning for 'isinstance'
2013-06-09 Ernesto FerroThe function error in the module named error has a...
2013-06-02 Mark DufourMoved the functions used in to the modules...
2013-06-02 Mark Dufourbump version number to 0.9.4
2013-05-29 Mark Dufourforgot to remove graph import from cpp
2013-05-29 Mark Dufourremove final usage of getmv outside of graph module...
2013-05-29 Mark Dufourfinally, we can remove getmv from
2013-05-28 Ernesto FerroRemoved the global variable gx (GlobalInfo)
2013-05-28 Ernesto FerroPart of the logic in copy_ was only used in
2013-05-20 Mark Dufourfinally, we can remove the graph import from
2013-05-20 Mark avoid getmv in def_class
2013-05-20 Mark, avoid about 100 usages of getmv()
2013-05-18 Mark DufourCPPnamer: merge some things
2013-05-18 Mark Dufourand one more
2013-05-18 Mark Dufourfix next case
2013-05-18 Mark Dufouravoid some use of CPPNamer.name_str
2013-05-17 Mark Dufourfinally, we can remove the infer import from
2013-05-16 Mark DufourCPPNamer: improve 'init'/'add' check, simplify name_str
2013-05-16 Ernesto FerroMoved all the cpp naming logic to its own class
2013-05-14 Mark Dufourfinally, rename 'hmcpa' to something sensible. also...
2013-05-14 Mark Dufourclass Bitpair in looks crufty, remove it
2013-05-12 Mark Dufourmove function that has nothing to do with python to...
2013-05-12 Mark finally, rename class_ to Class
2013-05-12 Mark Dufourimport Class as ClassNode also in
2013-05-12 Ernesto FerroMassive reorganization of the functions and class in...
2013-05-12 Ernesto FerroMoved the following functions/classes from
2013-05-12 Ernesto FerroMoved the following functions/classes from
2013-05-12 Ernesto FerroMoved the following functions/classes from
2013-05-12 Ernesto FerroRenamed the following functions: from fastfor to is_fas...
2013-05-04 Mark Dufourdon't warn about incorrect argument count for builtins...
2013-05-04 Mark Dufourfix problem with default args and inheritance (reported...
2013-04-29 Mark Dufournot sure why this check disappeared; add test this...
2013-04-27 Mark Dufouravoid crash on class passing
2013-04-27 Ernesto FerroChanged some method and functions from names like worda...
2013-04-27 Ernesto FerroUsing CamelCase for all the classes names.
2013-04-20 Ernesto FerroRefactored the function parse_module and the class...
2013-04-06 Ernesto FerroRan autopep8 in order to comply with PEP8.
2013-04-06 Ernesto FerroExpanded imports "from XXX import *" to "from XXX impor...
2013-04-06 Ernesto FerroRemoved trailing spaces
2013-01-23 Mark Dufourmodel and call __del__ (triggered by paul haeberli)
2013-01-23 Mark Dufourimprove warning about 'del'
2013-01-06 Mark Dufourdefault but unused func arg
2013-01-05 Mark Dufourmore warnings for broken python code
2013-01-05 Mark Dufourfix for issue 125
2013-01-02 Mark Dufourwarn for getattr on typeless expression
2012-12-20 Mark Dufourallow 'arbitrary' code at the class level (triggered...
2012-12-20 Mark Dufourfix class attr warning for inheritance (triggered by...
2012-06-03 Mark Dufourimprove include file ordering (triggered by danny)
2012-05-29 Mark Dufourbetter yet, make it trigger a shedskin warning and...
2012-05-29 Mark Dufourinstance variable may not exist at all if no type flows...
2012-03-27 Mark Dufourmerge Discard visiting code
2012-03-10 Mark Dufourfix that; merge Discard-visiting code later!
2012-03-09 Mark Dufouravoid abstract 'object' type and hidden warnings (trigg...
2012-03-09 Mark Dufouruse template<> inline in header file to avoid multiple...
2012-02-03 Mark Dufourfloat.is_integer (triggered by tony veijalainen)
2012-01-20 Mark Dufourimprove inlining for array.__getitem__ (triggered by...
2011-12-16 Mark Dufourand fix that
2011-09-07 Mark Dufourbreak out special case from cpp_name
2011-09-07 Mark Dufourmore of that
2011-09-07 Mark Dufoursome more cpp_name cleanage
2011-09-05 Mark Dufourimprove and use variable.cpp_name more
2011-09-04 Mark Dufourcleanup: add class_.cpp_name method
2011-09-04 Mark Dufourcleanup: replace if-elif construction with dict
2011-09-03 Mark Dufourfix 'return 0' in generator with even uglier hack
2011-09-01 Mark Dufoursplit up a bit further
2011-09-01 Mark Dufourmove 'copy' functionality to separate file
2011-09-01 Mark Dufourminor fix there
2011-09-01 Mark Dufouroptimize 'for .., .. in somedict.iteritems()'
2011-08-29 Mark Dufourbeginnings of 'for a,b in dict.iteritems()' optimization
2011-08-29 Mark Dufoursome int<->bool conversion improvements
2011-08-28 Mark Dufouradd warning for 'del AssName'
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourtransfer fix from instance_new
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourdon't initialize unused default
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourupdate copyright headers for shedskin/*.py
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourfinally, rewrite assign_needs_cast as incompatible_assi...
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourremove unused function
2011-08-27 Mark Dufourreplace last usage of assign_needs_cast with visit_conv
2011-08-27 Mark Dufourmake cast_to_builtin type-based, more flexible than...
2011-08-27 Mark Dufouruse visit_conv for addition
2011-08-27 Mark Dufourremove another use of assign_needs_cast, by improving...
2011-08-27 Mark Dufouruse visit_conv in assignment, only few cases left
2011-08-27 Mark Dufoursimplify var_assign_needs_cast by removing it
2011-08-27 Mark Dufourwrestle visit_andor into using visit_conv
2011-08-18 Mark Dufourmove Makefile generation to shedskin/
2011-08-18 Mark Dufouruse visit_conv also for other slice method, didn't...
2011-08-18 Mark Dufourusing visit_conv for slicing 1/2
2011-08-18 Mark Dufourmove struct hacks to separate
2011-08-18 Mark Dufourfix lcp check for Name('self')
2011-08-17 Mark Dufourgeneralize self-specific code to visitName, remove...
2011-08-17 Mark Dufouruse visit_conv for return statements
2011-08-13 Mark Dufourfinally merge visit_child and visit_conv
2011-08-13 Mark Dufouruse all over visitCompare
2011-08-13 Mark Dufourremove unused method
2011-08-13 Mark Dufourremove padme() method
2011-08-13 Mark Dufouralmost equal now
2011-08-13 Mark Dufourmake visit_child and visit_conv more similar, in prepar...
2011-08-12 Mark Dufourdon't waste effort on parentheses
2011-08-12 Mark Dufouruse to avoid cast in comparison, fixes for set()