make that a separate test,
[shedskin:mainline.git] / .gitignore
2013-08-17 Mark Dufourmake that a separate test,
2013-06-12 Mark Dufourupdate .gitignore
2013-01-09 Mark Dufourupdate .gitignore 0.9.3
2012-10-13 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of
2012-10-13 Mark Dufourexamples/ minor improvements
2012-06-03 Mark Dufourimprove include file ordering (triggered by danny)
2012-05-05 Mark Dufourbump version to 0.9.2
2012-01-14 Mark Dufourignore 0.9.1
2011-11-01 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of
2011-10-24 Mark Dufourignore tests/198
2011-09-01 Mark Dufournew example: k-means++ clustering
2011-08-27 Mark Dufouradd an RCG natural language parser (andreas van cranenb...
2011-08-07 Mark Dufourupdate .gitignore
2011-07-31 Mark Dufourexamples: some improvements for mandelbrot2 (tony)
2011-07-13 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-13 Mark Dufournew example: connect-four, or four-in-a-row
2011-06-20 François Boutinesgreatly optimize basic file IO (François Boutines)
2011-06-18 Mark Dufourgit ignore new test case,
2011-05-26 Mark Dufourfix and optimize str.title
2011-05-14 Mark Dufourgitignore update
2011-04-30 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-19 mark dufourfix this problem too
2011-01-08 Mark Dufourlist binaries and * in .gitignore
2010-12-21 Mark Dufouradd *.vim to .gitignore, not sure where it went
2010-11-24 Mark Dufourignore *.gcda
2010-11-24 Mark Dufouroverhead when inheriting from object
2010-11-23 Mark Dufourignore shedskin/FLAGS
2010-11-13 Mark Dufourfix masking variable problem in test 194
2010-10-12 Mark Dufourignore tests/testdata
2010-09-06 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-28 Mark Dufourextmod test setup, plus one test
2010-08-18 Mark Dufourupdate scripts
2010-08-18 Mark Dufourupdate .gitignore for new tests dir
2010-08-18 srepmubignore stuff
2010-08-18 srepmubignore tx? test dirs
2010-07-02 Administratorupdate .gitignore again
2010-07-02 Administratoradd .gitignore