imageproc example: improvements from paul haeberli
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2013-06-13 Mark Dufourimageproc example: improvements from paul haeberli
2013-06-06 Mark DufourREADME: fix minilight instructions
2013-06-06 Mark Dufourexamples: improve instructions for
2013-06-06 Mark Dufourexamples: fix instructions
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2013-06-02 Mark Dufourupdate README
2013-06-02 Mark Dufourupdate example count as well.. sigh
2013-06-02 Mark Dufournew example: 3D Convex hull
2013-06-01 Mark Dufournew wolfenstein-like example: Gh0stenstein! (thanks...
2013-01-09 Mark Dufourupdate examples/README
2013-01-04 Mark Dufournew example: timsort!
2013-01-02 Mark Dufournew example: 8 bit NES emulator
2013-01-01 Mark Dufournew example: conflict-driven satisfiability solver
2012-12-20 Mark Dufourtwo new example programs: data compression, uncompresse...
2012-06-07 Mark seems to be working, but how well?
2012-06-07 Mark Dufoursplit up go example in two parts, hopefully to parallel...
2012-05-06 Mark Dufourupdate README, for rubik2
2012-05-03 Mark Dufournew example: rubik cube solver (author unknown)
2012-03-28 Mark Dufourupdate README for that
2012-01-14 Mark Dufournew example: hq2x pixel art scaling
2011-09-01 Mark Dufourupdate README
2011-09-01 Mark Dufournew example: k-means++ clustering
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourupdate example
2011-08-27 Mark Dufouradd an RCG natural language parser (andreas van cranenb...
2011-08-06 Mark Dufourre-add sudoku5 example now that it works ;)
2011-08-04 Mark Dufourremove sudoku5 again, too unstable for now
2011-08-01 Mark Dufourexamples/README: update count to 61
2011-07-31 Mark Dufourexamples: new sudoku solver, hard to analyze
2011-07-30 Mark Dufourexamples: interactive mandelbrot program (Tony Veijalainen)
2011-07-23 Mark DufourMerge branch 'complex'
2011-07-22 Mark Dufourrename two examples to avoid namespace conflicts for...
2011-07-13 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-13 Mark Dufourexamples/README: mention shedskin -b
2011-07-13 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-13 Mark Dufournew example: connect-four, or four-in-a-row
2011-07-09 Mark Dufourupdate examples/README for sokoban
2011-06-26 Mark Dufourexamples/README: use -b for c64 example
2011-06-18 Mark Dufourbump version number to 0.9
2011-06-14 Mark DufourREADME: break up some long lines
2011-06-14 Mark DufourREADME: update sloccount for c64 example
2011-06-14 Mark Dufourupdate c64 example, plays international karate!
2011-06-14 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-14 Mark Dufournew havlak loop detection example
2011-05-17 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-16 Mark Dufourexample: sha-1 algorithm (emanuel rumpf)
2011-05-15 Mark Dufourarray: tofile, fromfile
2011-02-23 mark dufourquameon: comment out some unused code
2011-02-19 mark dufourbump version number to 0.7.1
2011-01-04 Mark Dufournew (simple) example: rsync algorithm
2010-12-06 Mark Dufourchange desc of pylot in README
2010-12-06 Mark Dufourpath tracing example (jonas wagner)
2010-11-24 Mark Dufourupdate README as well
2010-11-01 Mark Dufourc64 README update
2010-10-17 Mark DufourREADME
2010-07-01 Administratorchaosgame-like fractals example (carl friedrich bolz)
2010-04-26 mark.dufouradatron example (stavros korokithakis)
2010-03-27 mark.dufourcannot count
2010-03-27 mark.dufourupdate
2010-03-16 mark.dufourconsistent naming
2010-03-16 mark.dufourremove own crap example
2010-03-06 mark.dufourclarification
2010-03-06 mark.dufournew a-star/pygame example (john eriksson)
2010-01-30 mark.dufouradd hashlife-based game of life implementation (david...
2010-01-23 mark.dufourreplace, add SS-optimized
2010-01-06 mark.dufourupdate README,
2010-01-03 mark.dufourbarnes-hut force calculation algorithm (thanks!)
2010-01-02 mark.dufouruse sloccount
2009-12-31 mark.dufourgo to next class after easy splits (mwmatching now...
2009-12-29 mark.dufouradd bidirectional dijkstra example
2009-07-14 mark.dufourupdate for 0.2
2009-07-11 mark.dufourupdate for
2009-07-07 mark.dufourupdate README for
2009-07-07 mark.dufouradd go player to 'official' example set.. very unfinish...
2009-07-02 mark.dufourupdate linecounts a bit
2009-07-02 mark.dufourignore sys.setrecursionlimit, add huffman block compressor
2009-07-02 mark.dufourupdate count
2009-07-02 mark.dufourArithmetic coding compressor example
2009-07-02 mark.dufourLempel-Ziv compression example
2009-06-28 mark.dufourant colonies: TSP approximation
2009-06-13 mark.dufouradd voronoi2 example to README, test script..
2009-04-19 mark.dufourupdate linecount as well
2009-04-19 mark.dufourfinish fysphun split, update README
2009-04-17 mark.dufourupdate a bit more
2009-04-16 mark.dufourfinish README for 0.1.1
2009-04-16 mark.dufouradd linecounts, add rest later
2009-04-16 mark.dufourstart of descriptions
2009-04-13 mark.dufourupdate examples for 0.1.1
2009-01-24 mark.dufourupdate for 0.1
2008-11-29 mark.dufourupdate for 0.0.30
2008-09-20 mark.dufouradd configparser, network examples next release
2008-09-17 mark.dufourmove ss-progs to SVN