experimental support for 'if isinstance()' guiding type inference
[shedskin:mainline.git] / shedskin / lib / builtin.hpp
2013-08-17 Mark Dufourexperimental support for 'if isinstance()' guiding...
2013-05-05 Mark Dufourfix corner case, removing the last element of a list...
2013-01-23 Mark Dufourin case of __del__, use gc_cleanup as base class instea...
2012-05-11 Mark Dufoursome more GCC 4.7 fixes. all tests pass now
2012-05-05 Mark Dufourshift some code to make ___min declared before using...
2012-05-05 Mark Dufourprobable fix for GCC 4.7 (reported by mos4567)
2011-12-10 Mark Dufourmerge join cruft into single template method, in prepar...
2011-09-24 =François Boutinessafe __NOT() macro expansion. Triggered by LiuZhenhai
2011-09-10 Mark Dufour"MIT license" is ambiguous -> we were actually using... 0.9
2011-09-03 Mark Dufournow that FOR_IN_DICT uses dict::next, we need to use...
2011-08-28 Mark Dufouradd copyright header to every file in shedskin/lib
2011-08-27 Brent Pedersensupport up to three args for all set methods (brent)
2011-08-27 Brent Pedersenmultiple args for set.difference_update (brent)
2011-08-26 Mark Dufoursome further fine-tuning for rc4
2011-08-03 Mark Dufourset.intersection: because of *b model, always add int
2011-08-01 Mark Dufourreplace in-list check with in-set check
2011-08-01 Brent Pedersenset.update 3 args ands et.intersection 2 args (Brent...
2011-08-01 Mark Dufourtuple2.__eq__ should be virtual like the rest
2011-07-27 Mark Dufouruse __zero<..>() instead of 0
2011-07-27 Mark Dufourcomplex: fix comparison with double/int
2011-07-23 Mark Dufourremove constructors from complex
2011-07-23 Mark Dufourmore equality there too
2011-07-23 Mark Dufourbuiltin/compare.hpp and builtin/iter.hpp
2011-07-23 Mark Dufourmove extmod glue to builtin/extmod.hpp
2011-07-23 Mark Dufournew file builtin/hash.hpp
2011-07-23 Mark Dufourcleanup complex class declaration
2011-07-23 Mark Dufourput back in beauty-fix for '1+1j' notation and complex...
2011-07-23 Mark DufourMerge branch 'complex'
2011-07-23 Mark Dufourcomplex copy-by-value
2011-07-22 Mark DufourWIP on (no branch): 6f50a61 WIP on (no branch): d3154a3...
2011-07-22 Mark DufourWIP on (no branch): d3154a3 test
2011-07-21 Mark DufourWIP on master: 64e8250 hand the sack to 'isinstance'
2011-07-20 Mark Dufourhand the sack to 'isinstance'
2011-07-18 Mark Dufourfix exporting __hash__ methods (now return type long)
2011-07-18 Mark Dufourrevert rich comparison trick for now
2011-07-17 Mark Dufouruse long type everywhere for hash values, and remove...
2011-07-17 Mark Dufourmake cmp fall back to rich comparison using a C++ ...
2011-07-16 Mark Dufourlogical operator keywords not supported by msvc (enzo...
2011-07-12 Mark Dufourset.update takes multiple args, first try (triggered...
2011-07-09 Mark Dufouronly print traceback for uncaught exceptions (joris...
2011-07-08 Mark Dufourmostly split up builtin.cpp
2011-07-08 Mark Dufourseparate out a few more files
2011-07-08 Mark Dufourmove exception and some function headers to separate...
2011-07-08 Mark Dufourmove class method definitions to separate files in...
2011-07-01 François Boutinesfixes for universal mode, mostly (François Boutines)
2011-07-01 Mark Dufour__builtin__: add run-time errors for 'id' and non-point...
2011-07-01 Mark Dufourimplement 'id' for pointer types
2011-06-26 Mark Dufourclean up exception handling
2011-06-25 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:shedskin/mainline
2011-06-25 Brent Pedersenaccept arbitrary iterables for two set methods (Brent...
2011-06-24 Mark Dufour__ss_bool.operator=(int), avoids a few warnings
2011-06-23 Brent Pedersenimplement set.isdisjoint (Brent Pedersen)
2011-06-22 Mark Dufourthat of course didn't work
2011-06-22 Mark Dufourinitialize some variables
2011-06-22 Mark Dufouralmost there
2011-06-22 Mark Dufouravoid some more simple warnings
2011-06-22 Mark Dufouradd class objects for remaining exception types
2011-06-22 Mark Dufouravoid interesting warning
2011-06-22 Mark Dufourwe'll see if this sticks
2011-06-22 Mark Dufourmore use of size_t
2011-06-22 Mark Dufourforgot ifdef around print_backtrace
2011-06-22 Mark Dufourthese includes don't work under windows yet
2011-06-22 Mark Dufouravoid casting function pointer to object pointer
2011-06-22 Mark Dufouruse size_t in iteration protocol
2011-06-22 Mark Dufouravoid some warnings, minor cleanups
2011-06-21 François Boutinesfurther improvements to file IO (François Boutines)
2011-06-20 Mark Dufourrewrite raw_input without using cin/cout; some fixes...
2011-06-20 François Boutinesgreatly optimize basic file IO (François Boutines)
2011-06-08 Mark Dufourreverse exception backtrace, filter out non-user functions
2011-06-08 Mark Dufourimprove printing of exceptions
2011-06-04 Mark Dufouruse timo bingmann's print_stacktrace (licensed under...
2011-06-04 Mark Dufouradd -x option to print exception traces (triggered...
2011-06-04 Mark Dufourmove __throw_exception functions to builtin.cpp
2011-06-04 Mark Dufouroptimize float**int where int in {2,3} (thanks to thoma...
2011-05-29 Mark Dufoursupport deprecated file.xreadlines (thanks fahrzin...
2011-05-29 Mark Dufourfinally, replace FOR_IN_NEW with FOR_IN everywhere
2011-05-29 Mark Dufourreplace FOR_IN_SEQ usage with FOR_IN_NEW
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: add bool.__index__ so it works as an int
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: support conversion to int via __index__ method
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: use __nonzero__ for bools
2011-05-19 Mark Dufourstruct: pack bools, add cl_bool for identification
2011-05-15 Mark Dufourfix list.__delslice__ bug..
2011-03-18 Mark Dufourfix for gcc 4.3 (problem reported by paul boddie)
2011-01-26 mark dufourPy_DECREF intermediate objects in dict/set conversion
2011-01-26 mark dufourmore general fix: increase refcount when obtaining...
2011-01-24 mark dufourfix memory leak for fysphun example, test others later
2011-01-23 mark dufourai, apparently this broke after the dict rewrite
2011-01-09 Mark Dufourfinish off this series with 'reduce'
2011-01-09 Mark Dufourmodernize/optimize map and filter
2011-01-09 Mark Dufourreorganize zip(a,b) a bit, and copy approach for zip...
2011-01-04 Mark Dufourfile.tell returns __ss_int
2011-01-04 Mark Dufourre-optimize zip with new type of pyseq check
2011-01-01 srepmubtuple2 has no 'append' method anymore
2010-12-30 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:shedskin/mainline
2010-12-25 srepmubwith FOR_IN gone, we can simplify a few things
2010-12-25 srepmubremove last usage of FOR_IN, and FOR_IN define
2010-12-22 Mark Dufour__contains__ fallback to __iter__
2010-12-22 Mark Dufourreplace some uses of the deprecated FOR_IN macro
2010-12-22 Mark Dufourpush down 'units' from pyseq, and tuple2<A, B> should...
2010-12-22 Mark Dufourmake seqiter behave, so striter can go