use import chain in lookupmodule, so e.g. import os; os.path.curdir works
[shedskin:mainline.git] /
2008-08-26 mark.dufouruse import chain in lookupmodule, so e.g. import os...
2008-08-26 mark.dufourerr on relative imports (from (.)+.. import..)
2008-08-26 mark.dufouralso perform step-wise import in visitFrom
2008-08-26 mark.dufouralso for visitFrom
2008-08-26 mark.dufourfix local imports in library modules (so we can fix...
2008-08-23 mark.dufourimport a.b.c: import a, then a.b, then a.b.c
2008-08-23 mark.dufourtypos
2008-08-23 mark.dufouradd some module documentation
2008-08-19 mark.dufoursupport for staticmethod decorator (sanxiyn)
2008-06-12 mark.dufourminor fix for staticmethods
2008-05-28 mark.dufourfix and test all fast-for step cases; add parentheses...
2008-05-26 mark.dufourinheritance merge of list comprehension vars
2008-05-26 mark.dufourdon't make consts for nodes in inherited functions
2008-05-26 mark.dufourauto-register tempvars for inheritance merging
2008-05-26 mark.dufourtempvar needs parent func
2008-05-24 mark.dufourfix for inheritance and temp vars (no perfect solution...
2008-05-22 mark.dufourrestore 2.3 compatibility
2008-03-01 mark.dufourexception for unarysub/add(int,float)
2008-03-01 mark.dufourimprove default arguments: cross-module, initialization...
2008-03-01 mark.dufourcleanup parse_module and fix two potential problems
2008-02-24 mark.dufouradd options to specify output dir and disable annotations
2008-02-18 mark.dufourerror on complex constant
2008-02-17 mark.dufourfix code generation for 'collections.defaultdict.fromke...
2008-02-16 mark.dufourstaticmethod, property and inheritance
2008-02-16 mark.dufourdon't crash on 'defaultdict()'
2008-02-16 mark.dufourdon't visibly import time in 'from time import ..'...
2008-02-14 mark.dufourfirst try to import from working dir if not local
2008-02-13 mark.dufournot necessary - perhaps
2008-02-13 mark.dufourmod.filename for main module
2008-02-13 mark.dufourmultifile/dir fixes
2008-02-13 mark.dufournested module issue
2008-02-13 mark.dufourcollections.defaultdict.fromkeys
2008-02-10 mark.dufouravoid creating self variable in static method
2008-02-10 mark.dufour__call__ not supported for now, give warning
2008-02-05 mark.dufourfix for staticmethod and inheritance
2008-02-04 mark.dufoursome fixes for multidir projects
2008-01-30 mark.dufourmove out C++ code generation to
2008-01-30 mark.dufourfactor out constraint graph building