2008-08-27 mark.dufourfix cpp generation for 'import .. as'
2008-08-26 mark.dufouruse import chain in lookupmodule, so e.g. import os...
2008-08-26 mark.dufourerr on relative imports (from (.)+.. import..)
2008-08-26 mark.dufouralso perform step-wise import in visitFrom
2008-08-26 mark.dufouralso for visitFrom
2008-08-26 mark.dufourfix local imports in library modules (so we can fix...
2008-08-23 mark.dufourimport a.b.c: import a, then a.b, then a.b.c
2008-08-23 mark.dufourtypos
2008-08-23 mark.dufouradd some module documentation
2008-08-23 mark.dufouradd <climits>, necessary for GCC 4.3
2008-08-23 mark.dufourtemporarily add -Wno-deprecated to silence GCC 4.3...
2008-08-23 mark.dufouravoid two crashes for contained lambdas
2008-08-22 mark.dufourdefault dst of -1 in datetime.timetuple (ffao)
2008-08-21 mark.dufourfix (ffao)
2008-08-19 mark.dufoursupport for staticmethod decorator (sanxiyn)
2008-08-19 mark.dufourminor fix for GCC 4.3 (sanxiyn)
2008-08-18 mark.dufour-O3 seems broken, so use -O2
2008-08-18 mark.dufouroptimize set.symmetric_difference, set.update (ffao)
2008-08-16 mark.dufourrevert that, was somehow broken
2008-08-16 mark.dufourimprove performance of set.symmetric_difference (ffao)
2008-08-15 mark.dufourfix -b, -w options
2008-08-15 mark.dufourfix -b, -w options
2008-07-29 mark.dufourhack for strftime problem on windows (ffao)
2008-07-28 mark.dufourmove __eq__, __ne__ etc. into classes
2008-07-28 mark.dufourfrom datetime import *
2008-07-27 mark.dufourfix datetime on windows (ffao)
2008-07-26 mark.dufourfix extension module support for opensolaris
2008-07-26 mark.dufourremove -fomit-frame-pointer, breaks on solaris
2008-07-26 mark.dufourgetcwd under solaris; one failing test left
2008-07-26 mark.dufourdefine INFINITY on solaris
2008-07-25 mark.dufoursolaris fix, avoid 'sun' as variable name
2008-07-25 mark.dufourforgot to uncomment line
2008-07-25 mark.dufouropensolaris fixes: only four failing tests left
2008-07-25 mark.dufourtimedelta operators; fix in lib/ (david marek)
2008-07-24 update (karel heyse)
2008-07-24 mark.dufourdatetime update (karel heyse)
2008-07-23 mark.dufoursome fixes for open solaris
2008-07-18 mark.dufourFreeBSD fixes
2008-07-18 mark.dufourrandom.randrange can take a single argument (bearophile)
2008-07-18 mark.dufourrandom.randrange can take a single argument (bearophile)
2008-07-18 mark.dufouradd space after while
2008-07-18 mark.dufourrename -n option to -w (bearophile)
2008-07-10 mark.dufouradd function to avoid problems with default None values...
2008-07-10 mark.dufouradd two datetime tests
2008-07-09 mark.dufourthanks
2008-07-09 mark.dufourinitial datetime implementation (karel heyse)
2008-07-09 mark.dufourenable keyword arguments for datetime module
2008-07-01 mark.dufouradd colon to 'f' option (karel heyse)
2008-06-27 mark.dufouruse char cache in str.{lower, upper}
2008-06-24 mark.dufourone more test
2008-06-24 mark.dufourextension modules: improve def args
2008-06-23 mark.dufour64 bit fix
2008-06-19 mark.dufourfixes for shedskin -e pystone
2008-06-18 mark.dufourmake full should of course call shedskin, not ss
2008-06-16 mark.dufourdoh
2008-06-12 mark.dufourminor fix for staticmethods
2008-06-11 mark.dufouralso test list.count
2008-06-11 mark.dufouruse __eq in list.index instead of ==
2008-06-07 mark.dufourSOL_IP, INADDR_NONE not available on solaris
2008-06-07 mark.dufourasprintf/vasprintf not available on solaris
2008-06-07 mark.dufouravoid conflict between __reverse and std::__reverse...
2008-06-06 mark.dufourrevert to /bin/sh
2008-06-05 mark.dufourThanks
2008-06-05 mark.dufouralways use /bin/bash, export keyword not necessary
2008-06-01 mark.dufour0.0.28 notes
2008-06-01 mark.dufourthanks
2008-06-01 mark.dufourlibrary implementations now in lib/
2008-06-01 mark.dufouradd
2008-06-01 mark.dufourupdate for 0.0.28
2008-06-01 mark.dufouradd
2008-06-01 mark.dufourupdate for 0.0.28
2008-06-01 mark.dufourupdate for 0.0.28
2008-06-01 mark.dufourupdate for 0.0.28
2008-06-01 mark.dufourregression on unix, different pyver.. ugliness
2008-06-01 mark.dufourwin32 check for lws2_32 of course..
2008-06-01 mark.dufourdisable mingw check for now
2008-06-01 mark.dufouruse sys.version again on windows
2008-06-01 mark.dufourlink with libws2_32 on windows if socket module is...
2008-05-31 mark.dufourdisplay error if c:/mingw exists
2008-05-31 mark.dufoursets not defined for 2.3, so disable conversion code
2008-05-31 mark.dufouravoid compiler warnings when building extmods with...
2008-05-31 mark.dufourdon't forget -lpython on darwin, cleanup pyver
2008-05-31 mark.dufourreplace python-config hack with distutils.sysconfig
2008-05-29 mark.dufourerror when using sorted/list.sort key argument
2008-05-29 mark.dufouravoid crash for target functions with different signatures
2008-05-28 mark.dufourmention socket support in title
2008-05-28 mark.dufourgive up after 30 iterations with -i option
2008-05-28 mark.dufourfix and test all fast-for step cases; add parentheses...
2008-05-28 mark.dufourupdate for 0.0.28
2008-05-28 mark.dufourbump version number to 0.0.28
2008-05-28 mark.dufourusage: show 'shedskin' instead of ''
2008-05-27 mark.dufourfixes for OSX
2008-05-27 mark.dufourdon't add include/lib dirs if they don't exist
2008-05-27 mark.dufourtest socket/stat compilation, remove sets module for now
2008-05-27 mark.dufourss-progs regression ( don't change 'nodes'
2008-05-26 mark.dufourinheritance merge of list comprehension vars
2008-05-26 mark.dufourdon't make consts for nodes in inherited functions
2008-05-26 mark.dufourauto-register tempvars for inheritance merging
2008-05-26 mark.dufourtempvar needs parent func
2008-05-26 mark.dufourdon't visit listcomps in inherited functions, minor...