2012-05-05 Mark Dufourfix circle example, change in pygame perhaps 0.9.2
2012-05-05 Mark Dufourman page update
2012-05-05 Mark Dufourbump version to 0.9.2
2012-05-05 Mark Dufourhopefully fix another problem with GCC 4.7 and __divs...
2012-05-05 Mark Dufourshift some code to make ___min declared before using...
2012-05-05 Mark Dufourprobable fix for GCC 4.7 (reported by mos4567)
2012-05-03 Mark Dufournew example: rubik cube solver (author unknown)
2012-04-30 Mark Dufouradd stereo example to
2012-04-26 Mark Dufouroptimize bool(list) a bit (triggered by ecir hana)
2012-04-26 Mark Dufouroptimize list.pop without args (triggered by ecir hana)
2012-04-11 Mark Dufourpopen2 actually accepts an iterable
2012-04-11 Mark Dufourpopen2 accepts other sequence types, so use pyseq
2012-04-11 Danny Milosavljevicfix for os.popen2 (danny milosavljevic)
2012-03-28 Mark Dufourupdate README for that
2012-03-28 Mark Dufournew example: stereo computer vision (james coughlan)
2012-03-28 Mark Dufourignore test 172 for now
2012-03-28 Mark Dufoursort class names in warning, useful for automated testing
2012-03-28 Mark Dufourtest 'unsupported struct.unpack usage' warnings
2012-03-27 Mark Dufourmerge Discard visiting code
2012-03-27 Mark Dufourgetmv() already points to inherited context..
2012-03-25 Mark Dufouroptimize array slicing (reported by Francesco Frassinelli)
2012-03-10 Mark Dufourfix that; merge Discard-visiting code later!
2012-03-10 Mark Dufouradd two more problems to test 199 (reported by francesc...
2012-03-09 Mark Dufouravoid abstract 'object' type and hidden warnings (trigg...
2012-03-09 Mark Dufourbump to 200, change comment in test 199
2012-03-09 Mark Dufouruse template<> inline in header file to avoid multiple...
2012-03-09 Mark Dufourdetermine correct context for lookupclass (reported...
2012-03-08 Mark Dufournew test: Line() seems unrecognized in inherited contex...
2012-02-21 Mark Dufourdon't change
2012-02-21 Mark Dufouravoid crashes in (reported by danny milosavl...
2012-02-07 Mark Dufouralso model __eq__ for list.{index, count, remove}
2012-02-05 Mark Dufour__contains__ should model __eq__.. (reported by tony)
2012-02-03 Mark Dufourfloat.is_integer (triggered by tony veijalainen)
2012-02-03 Mark Dufourforgot to add test
2012-02-03 Mark Dufouruse long long in pow() internally (reported by tony...
2012-01-31 Mark Dufourfix set.__isub__ as well
2012-01-31 Mark Dufourset.__ior__ etc. modeling fix (triggered by william...
2012-01-21 Mark Dufournow improve array.__getitem__ itself.. ;-) (again trigg...
2012-01-20 Mark Dufourimprove inlining for array.__getitem__ (triggered by...
2012-01-14 Mark Dufourman page bump version
2012-01-14 Mark Dufournow a wiki page
2012-01-14 Mark Dufourbump version in
2012-01-14 Mark Dufourignore 0.9.1
2012-01-14 Mark Dufourbump version to 0.9.1
2012-01-14 Mark Dufourforgot to add it here
2012-01-14 Mark Dufourmake things measurable
2012-01-14 Mark Dufourprint which file is scaled
2012-01-14 Mark Dufournew example: hq2x pixel art scaling
2012-01-04 Mark Dufoursome sys.exit fixes, plus tests (problem reported by...
2011-12-18 Mark Dufoursame trick for productiter<T,U>
2011-12-16 Mark Dufourapparently we need -lcrypto these days
2011-12-16 Mark Dufourand fix that
2011-12-16 Mark Dufournew test case from c64 example svn
2011-12-15 Mark Dufourprint elapsed time after errors
2011-12-14 Mark Dufouroptimize itertools.product<T,T> by allocating tuples...
2011-12-14 Mark Dufourspeed up tuple filling in itertools.product
2011-12-14 Mark Dufourimprove extmod 'cannot export' warnings (triggered...
2011-12-10 Mark Dufouravoid __join_cache.__getitem__
2011-12-10 Mark Dufourmerge join cruft into single template method, in prepar...
2011-12-10 Mark Dufouroptimize __ne(str *, str*) - how about a 'final' keywor...
2011-12-08 Mark Dufourplus test
2011-12-08 Mark DufourMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2011-12-08 Mark Dufouradd a test for that
2011-12-08 Pierre-Marie... Builtin os.listdir: fixed the unchecked result of the...
2011-12-08 Jérémie Roquetmissing izip constructor for when iterables have the... 1
2011-11-28 Mark Dufourcleanup man page (triggered by paul boddie)
2011-11-28 Mark Dufourremove gc, random seed cruft (triggered by paul boddie)
2011-11-28 Mark Dufoursupport /etc/shedskin/FLAGS and /usr/share/shedskin...
2011-11-01 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of
2011-11-01 Mark Dufourmsvc doesn't like ssize_t, and it's not needed even...
2011-10-24 Mark Dufourfix copy-paste (liu zhenhai)
2011-10-24 Mark Dufourimprove for msvc (liuzhenhai)
2011-10-24 Mark Dufourimprove FLAGS.msvc (note two env vars need to be set...
2011-10-24 Mark Dufourignore tests/198
2011-10-11 Mark Dufouros.popen2(list(str),..) (issue 158)
2011-10-11 Mark Dufourfix ConfigParser return value models (issue 157)
2011-10-11 Mark Dufourgenerate error when using 'exec' (issue 156)
2011-10-11 Mark Dufourlast character of file could disappear in annotation...
2011-10-11 Mark Dufourextmod fix for MSVC (liu zhenhai)
2011-09-26 Mark Dufourenumerate 'start' argument (new in 2.6)
2011-09-24 Mark Dufourupdate man page
2011-09-24 Mark Dufouradd test case for that to tests/
2011-09-24 =François Boutinessafe __NOT() macro expansion. Triggered by LiuZhenhai
2011-09-13 Artem Egorkine-L option to add custom library directories (Artem...
2011-09-10 Mark Dufourwindows fix
2011-09-10 Mark Dufour"MIT license" is ambiguous -> we were actually using... 0.9
2011-09-10 Mark Dufourterminate after hitting max nr of iterations 3 times
2011-09-09 Mark Dufourdatetime: win32 fix
2011-09-09 Mark Dufourmmap: win32 needs default_2
2011-09-07 Mark Dufouruse var.cpp_name in copy_
2011-09-07 Mark Dufourbreak out special case from cpp_name
2011-09-07 Mark Dufourmore of that
2011-09-07 Mark Dufoursome more cpp_name cleanage
2011-09-05 Mark Dufourimprove and use variable.cpp_name more
2011-09-04 Mark Dufourcleanup: add class_.cpp_name method
2011-09-04 Mark Dufourcleanup: replace if-elif construction with dict
2011-09-04 Mark Dufourremove senseless comment
2011-09-03 Mark Dufoura bit more of that
2011-09-03 Mark Dufournow that FOR_IN_DICT uses dict::next, we need to use...
2011-09-03 Mark Dufourupdate