2011-09-10 Mark Dufour"MIT license" is ambiguous -> we were actually using... 0.9
2011-09-10 Mark Dufourterminate after hitting max nr of iterations 3 times
2011-09-09 Mark Dufourdatetime: win32 fix
2011-09-09 Mark Dufourmmap: win32 needs default_2
2011-09-07 Mark Dufouruse var.cpp_name in copy_
2011-09-07 Mark Dufourbreak out special case from cpp_name
2011-09-07 Mark Dufourmore of that
2011-09-07 Mark Dufoursome more cpp_name cleanage
2011-09-05 Mark Dufourimprove and use variable.cpp_name more
2011-09-04 Mark Dufourcleanup: add class_.cpp_name method
2011-09-04 Mark Dufourcleanup: replace if-elif construction with dict
2011-09-04 Mark Dufourremove senseless comment
2011-09-03 Mark Dufoura bit more of that
2011-09-03 Mark Dufournow that FOR_IN_DICT uses dict::next, we need to use...
2011-09-03 Mark Dufourupdate
2011-09-03 Mark Dufourupdate man page
2011-09-03 Mark Dufourusage update
2011-09-03 Mark Dufouralphabetical..
2011-09-03 Mark Dufourremove docs, update dist script for 0.9
2011-09-03 Mark Dufourupdate LICENSE
2011-09-03 Mark Dufourfix 'return 0' in generator with even uglier hack
2011-09-03 Mark Dufourmake deep copying deeper
2011-09-01 Mark Dufourforgot
2011-09-01 Mark Dufoursplit up a bit further
2011-09-01 Mark Dufourmove 'copy' functionality to separate file
2011-09-01 Mark Dufourminor fix there
2011-09-01 Mark Dufouradd deepcopy test
2011-09-01 Mark Dufourremove those
2011-09-01 Mark Dufourupdate README
2011-09-01 Mark Dufournew example: k-means++ clustering
2011-09-01 Mark Dufouradd test with different key and value types
2011-09-01 Mark Dufourforgot tests
2011-09-01 Mark Dufouroptimize 'for .., .. in somedict.iteritems()'
2011-08-29 Mark Dufourbeginnings of 'for a,b in dict.iteritems()' optimization
2011-08-29 Mark Dufoursome int<->bool conversion improvements
2011-08-28 Mark Dufouradd warning for 'del AssName'
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourtransfer fix from instance_new
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourdon't initialize unused default
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourdisable some dead code in that now causes a...
2011-08-28 Mark Dufouravoid int/bool mixing in
2011-08-28 Mark Dufouradd copyright header to every file in shedskin/lib
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourname MIT license as well
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourupdate LICENSE a bit
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourupdate copyright headers for shedskin/*.py
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourupdate example
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourfinally, rewrite assign_needs_cast as incompatible_assi...
2011-08-28 Mark Dufourremove unused function
2011-08-28 Mark Dufoursome fixes for new modules and shedskin -l
2011-08-27 Mark Dufourreplace last usage of assign_needs_cast with visit_conv
2011-08-27 Mark Dufourmake cast_to_builtin type-based, more flexible than...
2011-08-27 Mark Dufoursome more test conversion tests
2011-08-27 Mark Dufouruse visit_conv for addition
2011-08-27 Mark Dufourremove another use of assign_needs_cast, by improving...
2011-08-27 Brent Pedersensupport up to three args for all set methods (brent)
2011-08-27 Brent Pedersenmultiple args for set.difference_update (brent)
2011-08-27 Mark Dufouruse visit_conv in assignment, only few cases left
2011-08-27 Mark Dufoursimplify var_assign_needs_cast by removing it
2011-08-27 Mark Dufourexamples/plcfrs: itertools.chain unused
2011-08-27 Mark Dufourforgot to update test script of course
2011-08-27 Mark Dufouradd an RCG natural language parser (andreas van cranenb...
2011-08-27 Mark Dufourwrestle visit_andor into using visit_conv
2011-08-26 Mark Dufoursome further fine-tuning for rc4
2011-08-24 =Fran├žois optimization (for rc4)
2011-08-20 Mark Dufouroptimize bool(str)
2011-08-20 Mark Dufournew speed test (thanks to funami)
2011-08-18 Mark Dufouruseful script to investigate e.g. rich comparison
2011-08-18 Mark Dufourmove Makefile generation to shedskin/
2011-08-18 Mark Dufouruse visit_conv also for other slice method, didn't...
2011-08-18 Mark Dufourusing visit_conv for slicing 1/2
2011-08-18 Mark Dufourmove struct hacks to separate
2011-08-18 Mark Dufourfix lcp check for Name('self')
2011-08-17 Mark Dufourgeneralize self-specific code to visitName, remove...
2011-08-17 Mark Dufouruse visit_conv for return statements
2011-08-16 Mark Dufourwin32 implementation of os.utime
2011-08-13 Mark Dufourupdate script a bit
2011-08-13 Mark Dufourimprove that a bit
2011-08-13 Mark Dufourscript to easily make scalability graph for different...
2011-08-13 Mark Dufouradd timer and --silent mode (thanks jason ye for timer...
2011-08-13 Mark Dufourfinally merge visit_child and visit_conv
2011-08-13 Mark Dufouruse all over visitCompare
2011-08-13 Mark Dufourremove unused method
2011-08-13 Mark Dufourremove padme() method
2011-08-13 Mark Dufouralmost equal now
2011-08-13 Mark Dufourmake visit_child and visit_conv more similar, in prepar...
2011-08-12 Mark Dufourchange in 'time' broke windows version (Tony Veijalainen)
2011-08-12 Mark Dufourdon't waste effort on parentheses
2011-08-12 Mark Dufouruse to avoid cast in comparison, fixes for set()
2011-08-12 Mark Dufourfill that in a bit further, add incompatibility check
2011-08-12 Mark Dufourstart of rewriting exprs with incompatible types (as...
2011-08-11 Mark Dufouralter test comments
2011-08-11 Mark Dufourforward-referencing variables in inherited methods...
2011-08-11 Mark Dufouradd another problem (thanks again jason ye)
2011-08-11 Mark Dufour'refer' method didn't do much
2011-08-10 Mark Dufourmicro-optimize propagate a bit further
2011-08-10 Mark Dufouravoid calling cpa repeatedly for the same callnode
2011-08-10 Mark Dufourmerge some further slowness
2011-08-10 Mark Dufouroptimize analyze_callfunc, seems to help 10%
2011-08-09 Mark Dufourand implement the fallbacks, similar as for cmp
2011-08-09 Mark Dufourmodel fallback of __lt__ to __gt__ etc.
2011-08-09 Mark Dufourmodel comparison in heapq module