2011-02-19 mark dufourreplace rm pygame* by rm hashlib* 0.7.1
2011-02-19 mark dufourcompile first, then import..
2011-02-19 mark dufourbump version number to 0.7.1
2011-01-26 mark dufourrun with PyPy; add -p option to generate PyPy-friendly...
2011-01-26 mark dufourPy_DECREF intermediate objects in dict/set conversion
2011-01-26 mark dufourtest list(double) just in case
2011-01-26 mark dufourincrease leakage test coverage - found another leak
2011-01-26 mark dufourmove leakage test to own dir
2011-01-26 mark dufourmore general fix: increase refcount when obtaining...
2011-01-26 mark dufouradd some more tests to that
2011-01-26 mark dufournew gc/refcount/leakage extmod test
2011-01-24 mark dufourfix memory leak for fysphun example, test others later
2011-01-23 mark dufourai, apparently this broke after the dict rewrite
2011-01-23 mark dufour"everything not tested is broken" :-/
2011-01-15 Mark Dufourremove byte string literal, seems not needed
2011-01-15 Mark Dufourfinally add warning for tuples > 2 and different types...
2011-01-09 Mark Dufourfinish off this series with 'reduce'
2011-01-09 Mark Dufourc64 example: avoid calling overlays.values() all the...
2011-01-09 Mark Dufourmodernize/optimize map and filter
2011-01-09 Mark Dufourreorganize zip(a,b) a bit, and copy approach for zip...
2011-01-08 Mark Dufouravoid some tests with -n option, as sys.exit gets in...
2011-01-08 Mark Dufouradd -u option to scripts, to test shedskin -e for all...
2011-01-08 Mark Dufour"fix" final few tests that fail with -e
2011-01-08 Mark Dufourforgot to use clname() for number-types
2011-01-08 Mark Dufourmake class names globally unique in extmods, and remove...
2011-01-08 Mark Dufourlist binaries and * in .gitignore
2011-01-08 Mark Dufourc64 example: pull fix for cursor
2011-01-08 Mark Dufourc64 example: remove some references to removed timer...
2011-01-07 Mark Dufourc64 example: timer module unused
2011-01-07 Mark Dufourc64 example: fixed number of iterations for timing...
2011-01-07 Mark Dufourc64 example: now works again with shedskin
2011-01-07 Mark Dufourc64 example: simplify pausing, uh, I think
2011-01-07 Mark Dufourc64 example: close button doesn't work, remove it
2011-01-07 Mark Dufourc64 example: avoid buttons stealing focus
2011-01-07 Mark Dufourc64 example: better support controls
2011-01-07 Mark Dufourbetter export exception descendants
2011-01-07 Mark Dufourc64 example: sync with author's version
2011-01-05 Mark Dufouravoid problem with -a option
2011-01-04 Mark Dufourmsp_ss: don't import, know problem with exporting excep...
2011-01-04 Mark Dufourfile.tell returns __ss_int
2011-01-04 Mark Dufouradd pylot and c64 examples to
2011-01-04 Mark Dufourre-optimize zip with new type of pyseq check
2011-01-04 Mark Dufouradd rsync to scripts/
2011-01-04 Mark Dufourmove patch files to testdata/ for rsync example
2011-01-04 Mark Dufourhashlib.md5 implementation via openssl/md5 for rsync...
2011-01-04 Mark Dufouradd link to rsync example
2011-01-04 Mark Dufournew (simple) example: rsync algorithm
2011-01-03 Mark Dufourreplace calls tuple2.append in serial.cpp
2011-01-03 Mark Dufourdon't bork on functions in analyze_virtuals
2011-01-01 srepmubtuple2 has no 'append' method anymore
2010-12-30 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of
2010-12-30 Mark Dufourremove (seemingly obsolete) check for 'next' variable...
2010-12-25 srepmubwith FOR_IN gone, we can simplify a few things
2010-12-25 srepmubremove last usage of FOR_IN, and FOR_IN define
2010-12-23 Mark Dufourand a few more of those
2010-12-23 Mark Dufourreplace some more usage of FOR_IN(_SEQ)
2010-12-22 Mark Dufour__contains__ fallback to __iter__
2010-12-22 Mark Dufourreplace some uses of the deprecated FOR_IN macro
2010-12-22 Mark Dufourpush down 'units' from pyseq, and tuple2<A, B> should...
2010-12-22 Mark Dufourmake seqiter behave, so striter can go
2010-12-22 Mark Dufouradd pycall base classes, test usage for max key arg
2010-12-22 Mark Dufourreset, hm
2010-12-22 Mark Dufourmove more implementation details out of pyseq
2010-12-22 Mark Dufoursome steps towards a cleaner sequence 'protocol'
2010-12-22 Mark Dufourdict.__init__(iterable(iterable)) .. :-)
2010-12-22 Mark Dufourfile.writelines takes iterable
2010-12-22 Mark Dufourmodernize min, max implementation
2010-12-21 Mark Dufourmodernize zip implementation, re-optimize for sequences...
2010-12-21 Mark Dufourallow basic __iter__ overloading, to investigate iterab...
2010-12-21 Mark Dufouradd *.vim to .gitignore, not sure where it went
2010-12-21 Mark Dufourallow basic __call__ overloading, to investigate callab...
2010-12-21 Mark Dufouralways pass 'merged' state from cpp module, and use...
2010-12-20 Mark Dufourre-module check should be against filenames, not cppfiles
2010-12-18 Fahrzin HemmatiMaking each file in the Makefile on its own line
2010-12-18 Mark Dufourfix them for correctness first, optimize later
2010-12-18 Mark Dufouradd some fun with insert as well
2010-12-18 Mark Dufourembarrassing fixes..
2010-12-17 Fahrzin HemmatiDRYing out some Makefile code
2010-12-17 Fahrzin HemmatiAdding SHEDSKIN_LIBDIR var in Makefile generation
2010-12-13 Mark Dufouroptimize pow for large or non-constant exponents (trigg...
2010-12-11 Mark Dufourpartial struct model
2010-12-11 Mark Dufouradd 'illegal' to
2010-12-10 Mark Dufourextension .pyd under win 0.7
2010-12-10 Mark Dufourwindows doesn't like spacing after inf/nan
2010-12-10 Mark Dufourstrtod accepts inf/nan strings under mingw, I think
2010-12-09 Mark Dufourfloat('inf/nan') tests
2010-12-09 Mark Dufoursame thing for cp.exe
2010-12-09 Mark Dufourdon't use 'del', but add rm.exe to mingw/bin
2010-12-09 Mark Dufouravoid 2 minor incompatibilities under windows
2010-12-08 Mark Dufourfix time.hpp as well
2010-12-08 Mark Dufourfix for gettimeofday under windows
2010-12-08 Mark Dufourfix signal module under windows
2010-12-08 Mark Dufourfix socket.makefile under windows
2010-12-08 Mark Dufourfix test 173 on windows, by omitting minor detail
2010-12-07 Mark Dufourfix for 'make clean' under windows
2010-12-07 Mark Dufourplus ::
2010-12-07 Mark Dufourwin fix, localtime_r doesn't exist
2010-12-07 Mark Dufourupdate copyright statement
2010-12-07 Mark Dufourmake run removed
2010-12-07 Mark Dufourupdate parallel processing section for multiprocessing...