2010-12-10 Mark Dufourextension .pyd under win 0.7
2010-12-10 Mark Dufourwindows doesn't like spacing after inf/nan
2010-12-10 Mark Dufourstrtod accepts inf/nan strings under mingw, I think
2010-12-09 Mark Dufourfloat('inf/nan') tests
2010-12-09 Mark Dufoursame thing for cp.exe
2010-12-09 Mark Dufourdon't use 'del', but add rm.exe to mingw/bin
2010-12-09 Mark Dufouravoid 2 minor incompatibilities under windows
2010-12-08 Mark Dufourfix time.hpp as well
2010-12-08 Mark Dufourfix for gettimeofday under windows
2010-12-08 Mark Dufourfix signal module under windows
2010-12-08 Mark Dufourfix socket.makefile under windows
2010-12-08 Mark Dufourfix test 173 on windows, by omitting minor detail
2010-12-07 Mark Dufourfix for 'make clean' under windows
2010-12-07 Mark Dufourplus ::
2010-12-07 Mark Dufourwin fix, localtime_r doesn't exist
2010-12-07 Mark Dufourupdate copyright statement
2010-12-07 Mark Dufourmake run removed
2010-12-07 Mark Dufourupdate parallel processing section for multiprocessing...
2010-12-07 Mark Dufoursome windows fixes for lib/time.cpp
2010-12-07 Mark Dufouradd FLAGS.mingw, using -Wl,--enable-auto-import
2010-12-07 Mark Dufourremove 'run' target from Makefile, some win fixes
2010-12-07 Mark Dufourallow 2.7
2010-12-07 Mark Dufoursome windows fixes
2010-12-07 Mark Dufouravoid GCC 4.5 warning
2010-12-06 Mark Dufourchange desc of pylot in README
2010-12-06 Mark Dufourpath tracing example (jonas wagner)
2010-12-02 Mark Dufourfix minilight example - how did this ever work?
2010-12-01 Mark Dufourput windows instructions back in anticipation of 0.7
2010-12-01 Mark Dufourdeal properly with keyboard interrupt
2010-12-01 Mark Dufourfurther strip down [node]typestr with unused stuff
2010-12-01 Mark Dufourtest warning for unsupported access to class attribute
2010-12-01 Mark Dufourtest exception handling errors
2010-12-01 Mark Dufourtest inf recursion warnings
2010-11-30 Mark Dufouralways check for infinite recursion
2010-11-30 Mark Dufourupdate tutorial for 0.7
2010-11-30 Mark Dufournow remove cruft, < 3000 lines again!
2010-11-30 Mark Dufourremove one of two dependencies on old template cruft
2010-11-29 Mark Dufourimprove inlining of 'slicenr'
2010-11-29 Mark Dufouroptimize common string slicing case
2010-11-28 Mark Dufouruse strncmp for string equality, duh
2010-11-28 Mark Dufourset lineno for fakefuncs (improves warn/error output)
2010-11-28 Mark Dufourand fix that one right away
2010-11-28 Mark Dufourtest for missing forward class declaration
2010-11-27 Mark Dufourforward reference of global variable for circular import
2010-11-27 Mark Dufourkeep module attributes in single place
2010-11-27 Mark Dufourimprove forward references for cyclic imports
2010-11-27 Mark Dufourcircular import and late binding test case
2010-11-27 Mark Dufourfix for uncalled imported function
2010-11-26 Mark Dufouroptimize comparison of 1-length strings
2010-11-25 Mark Dufourpylot: I can't decide, let's do 512x512
2010-11-25 Mark Dufourpylot: 256x256 sample size
2010-11-25 Mark Dufourpylot: Roughly in rayHitsPlane seems slow
2010-11-25 Mark Dufourpylot: Vector4.sublen method
2010-11-25 Mark Dufourpylot: avoid allocation in critical part
2010-11-25 Mark Dufourpylot: calculate location only when needed
2010-11-25 Mark Dufourpylot: single-step Vector4.__sub__
2010-11-25 Mark Dufourpylot: use one HitResult instead of tuples
2010-11-25 Mark Dufouruse single HitResult
2010-11-25 Mark Dufourpylot: use some more 'is'
2010-11-24 Mark Dufour"is not None" check faster for now
2010-11-24 Mark Dufourignore *.gcda
2010-11-24 Mark Dufouroverhead when inheriting from object
2010-11-24 Mark Dufourtest for unused explicitly imported function
2010-11-24 Mark Dufourbetter solution, comment out debug_print statements
2010-11-24 Mark Dufourmost people don't have 8 cores yet :P
2010-11-24 Mark Dufour__modfill very slow, avoid plus allocations
2010-11-24 Mark Dufourminor adjustments
2010-11-24 Mark Dufourmake fake code do something, to test speed
2010-11-24 Mark Dufourupdate README as well
2010-11-24 Mark Dufourlarge new example (1,050 sloc; eric uhrhane)
2010-11-24 Mark Dufourremove old version of pylot
2010-11-23 Mark Dufourtest __call__, __iter__ warnings
2010-11-23 Mark Dufourtest two more warnings
2010-11-23 Mark Dufourignore shedskin/FLAGS
2010-11-23 Mark Dufourfix dict.update model
2010-11-23 Mark Dufour-march=native, remove -msse2 and -pipe (fahhem2)
2010-11-20 Mark Dufouradd test for dict.update model
2010-11-20 Mark Dufouruntested socket.makefile implementation based on cpython
2010-11-20 Mark Dufourmake it possible to switch asserts after compilation
2010-11-20 Mark Dufourpush update
2010-11-20 Mark Dufouradd -o/--noassert option (sugg. eric uhrhane)
2010-11-16 Mark Dufourremove need for
2010-11-16 Mark Dufouradd illegal name file to
2010-11-16 Mark Dufourtuple_flow didn't look in globals (karel heyse)
2010-11-16 Mark Dufourfix str.[r]partition model (karel heyse)
2010-11-16 Mark Dufournokeywords for method names in
2010-11-16 Mark Dufouruse variable renaming in as well
2010-11-16 Mark Dufourcleanup test
2010-11-16 Mark Dufouradd variable renaming problem test
2010-11-16 Mark Dufourbump version here too
2010-11-15 Mark Dufourfix negative indexing in __char_cache
2010-11-15 Mark Dufourtest for crash with strange characters (john nagle)
2010-11-14 Mark DufourCPU_AND test
2010-11-14 Mark Dufourwarn on OP_DELETE, rather than crash
2010-11-14 Mark Dufourmore del fun
2010-11-14 Mark Dufourtest del warnings
2010-11-14 Mark Dufourexpand test
2010-11-14 Mark Dufourdel crash test
2010-11-14 Mark Dufourwarning when using __del__
2010-11-13 Mark Dufourbump version to 0.7