2014-09-06 Joerg Stippacheck bounds after wrapping.. (joerg stippa) master
2013-09-09 Ernesto FerroAdded a math.fsum implementation based on CPython's
2013-09-02 Ernesto FerroResolving the issue 195 (
2013-09-02 Mark Dufourwebserver example: public domain statement
2013-09-01 Mark Dufournew example, a simple web server (Salvatore Ferro)
2013-08-26 Mark Dufourfix for binary data in socket module (Salvatore Ferro)
2013-08-23 Mark Dufourwin32 fix for 'select' module (Salvatore Ferro)
2013-08-22 Mark Dufourquick hack to improve multiple inheritance support...
2013-08-18 Mark Dufouroutput 'pyobj *' for 'dynamic' types, so with 'if isins...
2013-08-17 Mark Dufourmake that a separate test,
2013-08-17 Mark Dufourexperimental support for 'if isinstance()' guiding...
2013-07-01 Ernesto FerroFixed the issue 191 (
2013-06-16 Mark Dufourtraditionally forgot doc/shedskin.rst as well 0.9.4
2013-06-16 Mark DufourI always forget to update
2013-06-16 Mark Dufouravoid 2.6-only code for now
2013-06-16 Ernesto FerroThe libs folder relative to Shedskin has higher priorit...
2013-06-13 Mark Dufourhm, thought I already tested this under windows.. use...
2013-06-13 Mark Dufourimprove lookup_var to fix error test 41
2013-06-13 Mark Dufourextmods: do not try to convert class pointers
2013-06-13 Mark Dufourtest most of the remaining warnings; test 41 seems...
2013-06-13 Mark Dufourtest several more errors; remove double warning
2013-06-13 Mark Dufourimageproc example: improvements from paul haeberli
2013-06-12 Mark Dufourmove last problem to next release
2013-06-12 Mark Dufournew test case: method name clashes with global variable...
2013-06-12 Mark Dufouradd warning for improperly used staticmethod, instead...
2013-06-12 Mark Dufourupdate .gitignore
2013-06-12 Mark Dufourminilight example: rename
2013-06-10 Mark Dufourwe only need one warning for 'isinstance'
2013-06-10 Mark Dufouradd tests for warnings in (warning=True)
2013-06-10 Mark Dufouradd tests for several important errors
2013-06-09 Ernesto FerroThe function error in the module named error has a...
2013-06-06 Mark Dufourafter all the recent changes, I decided to manually...
2013-06-06 Mark DufourREADME: fix minilight instructions
2013-06-06 Mark Dufourexamples: improve instructions for
2013-06-06 Mark Dufourexamples: fix instructions
2013-06-06 Mark DufourREADME: update instructions for
2013-06-06 Mark merge globals-checking code, use it in more...
2013-06-05 Ernesto FerroWhen sending integer (int or long in Python) from Pytho...
2013-06-04 Mark Dufourtests: add test for problem reported by alex susu
2013-06-02 Ernesto FerroMinor change to the Gh0stenstein example to make it...
2013-06-02 Mark DufourMoved the functions used in to the modules...
2013-06-02 Mark Dufourbump version number to 0.9.4
2013-06-02 Mark Dufourupdate README
2013-06-02 Mark Dufournew example: C image processing (Paul Haeberli)
2013-06-02 Mark Dufourupdate example count as well.. sigh
2013-06-02 Mark Dufournew example: 3D Convex hull
2013-06-01 Mark Dufourcomment in top
2013-06-01 Mark Dufourplus fix
2013-06-01 Mark Dufournew wolfenstein-like example: Gh0stenstein! (thanks...
2013-05-29 Mark Dufourforgot to remove graph import from cpp
2013-05-29 Mark Dufourremove final usage of getmv outside of graph module...
2013-05-29 Mark Dufourfinally, we can remove getmv from
2013-05-29 Mark work towards removing getmv() from nodetypestr
2013-05-29 Mark Dufourremove getmv usage from infer.default_var
2013-05-28 Mark Dufourremove crazy setmv calls from
2013-05-28 Ernesto FerroRemoved the global variable gx (GlobalInfo)
2013-05-28 Ernesto FerroPart of the logic in copy_ was only used in
2013-05-25 elmasryadd sudo to the shedkin install line in README
2013-05-20 Mark Dufourremove graph import from
2013-05-20 Mark Dufourfinally, we can remove the graph import from
2013-05-20 Mark avoid getmv in def_class
2013-05-20 Mark improve things further so setmv is not...
2013-05-20 Mark, avoid about 100 usages of getmv()
2013-05-20 Mark avoid graph import, by locally passing mv
2013-05-18 Mark lessen dependency on import
2013-05-18 Mark DufourCPPnamer: merge some things
2013-05-18 Mark Dufourand one more
2013-05-18 Mark Dufourfix next case
2013-05-18 Mark Dufouravoid some use of CPPNamer.name_str
2013-05-17 Mark merge lookup_var with def_var. separate...
2013-05-17 Mark Dufourfinally, we can remove the infer import from
2013-05-17 Mark split def_var into a lookup and 'infer'...
2013-05-16 Mark DufourCPPNamer: improve 'init'/'add' check, simplify name_str
2013-05-16 Mark Dufouradd test for 'init'/'add'+main_module.ident named varia...
2013-05-16 Ernesto FerroMoved all the cpp naming logic to its own class
2013-05-15 Mark some minor cleanups
2013-05-14 Mark Dufourfinally, rename 'hmcpa' to something sensible. also...
2013-05-14 Mark Dufourclass Bitpair in looks crufty, remove it
2013-05-14 Mark Dufourmove find_module and some smaller funcs to
2013-05-12 Mark Dufourmove function that has nothing to do with python to...
2013-05-12 Mark DufourStaticClass: remove some unused attributes
2013-05-12 Mark finally, rename class_ to Class
2013-05-12 Mark Dufourimport Class as ClassNode also in
2013-05-12 Mark import Class as ClassNode, in preparation...
2013-05-12 Ernesto FerroMassive reorganization of the functions and class in...
2013-05-12 Ernesto FerroMoved the following functions/classes from
2013-05-12 Ernesto FerroMoved the following functions/classes from
2013-05-12 Mark Dufourprevious patch forgot to add
2013-05-12 Ernesto FerroMoved the following functions/classes from
2013-05-12 Ernesto FerroRenamed the following functions: from fastfor to is_fas...
2013-05-10 Ernesto is_listcomp unused
2013-05-05 Mark Dufourfix corner case, removing the last element of a list...
2013-05-04 Mark Dufourdon't warn about incorrect argument count for builtins...
2013-05-04 Mark Dufourfix problem with default args and inheritance (reported...
2013-04-29 Mark Dufourdon't warn about None being mix with functions
2013-04-29 Mark Dufournot sure why this check disappeared; add test this...
2013-04-29 Mark Dufourinclude function references in dynamic typing warnings
2013-04-29 Mark Dufourfix warning/error tests (python -x)
2013-04-28 Mark Dufourtype inference: improve wholesale splitting by merging...
2013-04-28 Mark Dufourtests: type inference bug uncovered by C64 SVN