fix -b, -w options
[shedskin:mainline.git] /
2008-08-15 mark.dufourfix -b, -w options
2008-07-26 mark.dufourfix extension module support for opensolaris
2008-07-18 mark.dufourrename -n option to -w (bearophile)
2008-07-01 mark.dufouradd colon to 'f' option (karel heyse)
2008-06-18 mark.dufourmake full should of course call shedskin, not ss
2008-06-01 mark.dufourregression on unix, different pyver.. ugliness
2008-06-01 mark.dufourwin32 check for lws2_32 of course..
2008-06-01 mark.dufourdisable mingw check for now
2008-06-01 mark.dufouruse sys.version again on windows
2008-06-01 mark.dufourlink with libws2_32 on windows if socket module is...
2008-05-31 mark.dufourdisplay error if c:/mingw exists
2008-05-31 mark.dufourdon't forget -lpython on darwin, cleanup pyver
2008-05-31 mark.dufourreplace python-config hack with distutils.sysconfig
2008-05-28 mark.dufourbump version number to 0.0.28
2008-05-28 mark.dufourusage: show 'shedskin' instead of ''
2008-05-27 mark.dufourdon't add include/lib dirs if they don't exist
2008-05-24 mark.dufourfix for inheritance and temp vars (no perfect solution...
2008-05-22 mark.dufourrestore 2.3 compatibility
2008-04-26 mark.dufourOSX make fix (matteo bertini); fix some GCC 4.2.3 warnings
2008-02-25 mark.dufouruse os.makedirs..
2008-02-25 mark.dufour--dir with absolute path
2008-02-24 mark.dufouradd options to specify output dir and disable annotations
2008-02-18 mark.dufourbump version number
2008-02-16 mark.dufourcheck python version
2008-02-16 mark.dufourfinally, check if file exists before compiling it ^^
2008-02-04 mark.dufourfurther improve multidir support
2008-01-30 mark.dufourmove inference code out to
2008-01-30 mark.dufourmove out C++ code generation to
2008-01-30 mark.dufourfactor out constraint graph building
2008-01-30 mark.dufourmigrate basic classes to, factoring out the...
2008-01-30 mark.dufourfinish parse_module, class module to shared
2008-01-30 mark.dufourstart of parse_module, to separate class module into...
2008-01-30 mark.dufourbeginning of refactoring.. move globals to
2008-01-30 mark.dufourunaryadd: __pos__
2008-01-28 mark.dufourproperty
2008-01-28 mark.dufourremove print
2008-01-28 mark.dufourstaticmethods
2008-01-26 mark.dufourdon't crash when there are no types
2008-01-25 mark.dufourgroup attributes in generator class; approach infinity...
2008-01-20 mark.dufouradd overdue library_func method; use it to detect re...
2008-01-19 mark.dufourosx fix for os.environ?
2008-01-19 mark.dufourimprove stability of virtual function detection
2008-01-19 mark.dufour__ss_union, gx.ss_prefix
2008-01-19 mark.dufourimprove avoidance of C macros
2008-01-19 mark.dufourimprove compilation under OS X
2008-01-17 mark.dufourmove to trunk, oh yeah