I forgot to remove a line of code that I was using to test the -f option with multipr...
[shedskin:mainline.git] / tests / run.py
2013-04-08 Ernesto FerroI forgot to remove a line of code that I was using...
2013-04-07 Ernesto FerroAdded the -p option to run the testing using as many...
2013-04-07 Ernesto FerroRan autopep8 on run.py
2013-04-06 Mark Dufourtests/run.py -n: skip import check in case of SystemExi...
2012-12-20 Mark Dufourtests/run.py -x: show checks
2011-08-04 Mark Dufourrun.py: avoid empty lines in diff
2011-07-24 Fahrzin Hemmatirun.py: use difflib to show differences in output
2011-05-25 Mark Dufourtests: fix -e, -x options of test.py again
2011-05-14 Mark Dufourtests: find the right spot
2011-05-14 Mark Dufourtests: don't use global 'shedskin' command (fahrzim...
2011-02-19 mark dufourcompile first, then import..
2011-01-08 Mark Dufouravoid some tests with -n option, as sys.exit gets in...
2011-01-08 Mark Dufouradd -u option to scripts, to test shedskin -e for all...
2010-12-10 Mark Dufourextension .pyd under win 0.7
2010-12-07 Mark Dufoursome windows fixes
2010-11-13 Mark Dufouroutput time for each test
2010-10-31 Mark Dufoursort tests
2010-10-31 Mark Dufournot sure about 2>&1
2010-10-31 Mark Dufouradd test to check warnings
2010-10-31 Mark Dufourcommit too
2010-10-03 Mark Dufoursome minor cleanups
2010-09-06 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:shedskin/mainline
2010-08-28 Mark Dufourextmod test setup, plus one test
2010-08-19 Mark Dufourmake clean -f
2010-08-18 Mark Dufourfix some tests
2010-08-18 Mark Dufouruse Makefile -f
2010-08-18 Mark Dufourremove disabled tests
2010-08-18 Mark Dufourtests as separate files, part 1